The documentary "How to Touch a Hot Stove"

will be filmed on Montclair State University’s campus

The documentary "How to Touch a Hot Stove", produced by Falling Awake Productions, will be filmed on Montclair State University’s campus in the coming months. Unlike other efforts to explore society’s ongoing stigmatization of mental illness, this film will not be about de-stigmatizing but actually will be a process of de-stigmatizing. The film is part of a larger campaign called “They ‘R Us” whose spokesperson is actor John Turturro. Turturro will appear in the documentary, though it will focus primarily on the journey of several students and their shifting perceptions of mental illness as they actively engage in focus groups, interviews, and real-life outreach.

The film is the creation of Lois Oppenheim, Ph.D., Chair, Dept. of Modern Languages and Literatures at MSU, and Alice Maher, M.D., psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, and is being directed by Sheryll Franko and produced by Susan Dansker with the assistance of students from the university.

Come to the INFORMATION SESSION and learn about this unique project.


Sheryll Franko is a contemporary artist and award winning filmmaker living and working in New York City. Most recently she received a 2009 Voice Award for her short documentary “Crazy Enough to Care.” Her work is shown internationally. For more information about Sheryll, please visit

SAVE THE DATE:  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12th, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM, Dickson Hall 178 (Cohen Lounge)

See; click on the "They 'R Us" campaign link (John Turturro, campaign spokesperson).  Even if you only have a few minutes between classes, come find out what this project is about.

Cameras will be present at this meeting.  If you prefer not to be filmed, you may choose to sit on the side of the room without cameras.

For more info.:
Dr. Lois Oppenheim