New Carlisle Road Traffic Patterns

The roadwork on Carlisle Road and Red Hawk Way has been completed and the University community is advised to be aware of the resulting new traffic patterns. Carlisle Road has changed from being a one-way exit off campus, to a two-way road allowing traffic to enter the campus from the west-bound lane of Normal Avenue, while still allowing vehicles to exit onto both the east and west-bound lanes of Normal Avenue.

The recently completed work has changed the traffic pattern so that vehicles traveling west on Normal Avenue from Valley Road may now enter the campus by making a right turn onto Carlisle Road. However, vehicles traveling east on Normal Avenue may not make a left turn onto Carlisle Road but must enter the campus via College Avenue. West-bound traffic on Normal Avenue may also continue to use the College Avenue entrance.

Access to the north-end of campus or the Red Hawk Parking Deck via Carlisle Road
Vehicles traveling north on Carlisle Road may now choose to continue on Carlisle Road to the north-end of campus, or make a right turn onto Red Hawk Way to access the entrance to the Red Hawk Parking Deck, but are not allowed to travel beyond the Red Hawk Parking Deck. Similarly, vehicles traveling south on Carlisle Road, from the north-end of campus, may now turn left onto Red Hawk Way to access the Red Hawk Parking Deck, or continue on Carlisle Road to exit the campus onto Normal Avenue.

Normal Avenue to College Avenue Access
Access to the campus from Normal Avenue onto College Avenue remains the same, as a one-way entrance. Traveling from College Avenue onto Red Hawk Way also remains the same, however from the entrance of the Red Hawk Deck the roadway becomes two-way.

New Stop Signs
To accommodate the new traffic patterns on Carlisle and Red Hawk Way, new stop signs have been placed at all intersections.  Please use extra caution during the initial introduction of these traffic patterns as drivers will not yet be familiar with them.