Science Informatics Degree Offers A Spectrum of Possibilities

College of Science and Mathematics
Announces a new undergraduate degree
Bachelor of Science in Science Informatics
Fall 2003

The Bachelor of Science in Science Informatics is designed to produce graduates prepared to work in a diverse array of New Jersey's High-Tech companies, especially in the economically critical pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other data intensive industries. Advances in computer hardware/software, biochemistry, molecular biology, geoscience and mathematical modeling have added information science to traditionally laboratory and field-based sciences. The degree has interdisciplinary course work providing both breadth and depth in four departments from the College of Science and Mathematics and a specialized concentration for increased depth in one department.

In addition to the University's 37 credit general education requirements, the major requires 67 credits of core courses and 17 or 18 credits in one of three specialized concentrations. The concentrations require an internship in industry, providing students with real world experience and opening doors for future employment.

The concentration in Molecular Biology will prepare students for a career or graduate program in bioinformatics. This concentration will emphasize the application of computational tools to problems of storing, retrieving and analyzing scientific data related to DNA/RNA and protein sequences, structures, functions, pathways and genetic interactions. The concentrations in Biochemistry and Computer Science will prepare students to work with the massive databases developed in chemistry, environmental science, forensics, neuroscience, and the mathematical sciences.