Sokol Lecture Series: Brian Greene, March 5

Brian Greene, the author of "The Elegant Universe" and the host of an upcoming three-part NOVA special of the same name, will deliver the Margaret and Herman Sokol Science Lecture at Montclair State University's Memorial Auditorium Wednesday, March 5, at 8 p.m. His talk is free for Montclair State students, faculty, staff and alumni. The public is invited and general admission tickets are $10. For additional information, or to order tickets, call the University Box Office at (973) 655-5112 or log on to

Physicist, string theorist and author, Greene is professor of mathematics and physics at Columbia University as well as co-director of the Institute for for Strings, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.

Born in New York City, Greene grew up spending rainy days in the American Museum of Natural History where the Planetarium ignited his passion with the universe. At age five, he was able to multiply 30-digit numbers and by the sixth grade he had exhausted the math resources at his school.

Greene earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard in 1984 and then spent two years as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford where he earned his doctoral degree. He returned to Harvard as a postdoctoral fellow (1987-1990).

In his best-selling "The Elegant Universe," Greene recounts how theories of general relativity and quantum mechanics transformed our understanding of the universe. String physicists proclaim that the smallest building blocks of the universe -- photons, gluons, etc. -- are generated by the vibrations of an untold number of tiny, quivering loops of string. Full Release