Y2K Compliance Project has new Web site

Montclair State University has been working diligently to cope with the potential impact of the Year 2000 Problem (a.k.a. Y2K). Most of our core administrative programs are already Year 2000 compliant. Others are in the process of being upgraded and will be compliant during the first quarter of the current year. The Division of Information Technology is testing desktop computers and peripheral devices throughout the University for Year 2000 compliance; these audits also will be completed in early 1999. Additionally, the University is actively working with vendors, banks and other external business partners to ensure that their systems and processes will not adversely affect Montclair State University.

However, the potential for Year 2000 problems is further exacerbated because many older devices, including computers, are not reflected in official University inventories. Moreover, unique software programs purchased or independently developed for research or administrative purposes may also be scattered throughout the University. This situation indicates the need for a comprehensive approach that recognizes the decentralized nature of the Year 2000 threat.

To respond to the decentralized nature of the challenge and to facilitate Year 2000 Problem management, a Year 2000 Compliance Task Force has been established. Its membership is composed of representatives from major academic and administrative units who will serve as Divisional Year 2000 Project Coordinators. The Y2K Compliance Project Web site will be utilized by the Coordinators as they work with their respective academic or administrative departments to inventory all hardware, software and date-programmed equipment, arrange for necessary upgrades, and conduct subsequent tests to verify Year 2000 compliance.