Faculty/Staff Parking Registration Information


I am pleased to provide you with information relative to the Parking registration process for the 2010-11 Academic Year.  I ask that you carefully read this entire e-mail, as it contains a great deal of information pertaining to: 1) Changes to some of the parking lots and facilities on campus; 2) Changes to parking policies and procedures; and, 3) The schedule for parking registration.

1.  Changes to Physical Parking Facilities
A link to an updated parking map is included at the bottom of this e-mail, but I wanted to provide some details related to some of the more significant changes versus prior years:

  • CarParc Diem Deck:  The new 1530 space CarParc Diem Deck opened in early June.  This facility will primarily serve commuter students.  However, faculty and staff members who are interested in deck/garage parking, and prefer the location of CarParc Diem over the Red Hawk Deck, have the option of buying a permit for this facility.  Pricing is congruent with the Red Hawk Deck salary band-based structure (more on pricing in #2, below).  It is important to note that, unlike the Red Hawk Deck, we cannot guarantee a parking space in CarParc Diem; however, in the event that space is not available, faculty/staff CarParc Diem subscribers will be afforded the added option to park in any restricted (faculty/staff) or general use (commuter) surface parking lot.
  • Lot Changes:  It is important to note that the total number of parking spaces dedicated to faculty/staff has increased slightly when compared to fall 2009.  Also, as with past years, faculty and staff members who register for surface lot permits may also park in any of the general lots on campus.  I share the following in the interest of keeping you informed of changes to particular general and restricted lots as compared to last academic year:
    • General Lot 20A  - Located near the Recreation Center, this lot formerly contained twenty parking meters, with the remaining spaces available as a general use lot (faculty/staff and commuter students).  Effective this fall, the number of metered spaces will grow to forty, with the remaining spaces being converted to faculty/staff use only.
    • General Lots 20B, 24A, 24B and nearly all of Lots 22 and 23 are no longer available due to the 2000 bed student housing complexes being constructed in the northern region of the campus.
    • Restricted (Faculty/Staff) Lot 32 is no longer available due to the aforementioned student housing complex construction.
    • General Lot 40, near the Softball Stadium, has been removed to accommodate new tennis courts.
    • General Lot 30, which borders Carlisle Road, has been reduced in size in order to enhance the safety of motorists and pedestrians.
  • New Staircase from Quarry Lots - To expedite pedestrian traffic from the new CarParc Diem Deck and the surrounding surface lots, a new staircase will be installed to enable students and staff to quickly walk to the campus core.  For those members of the campus community who wish to utilize the University's transportation system, please note that there will be a shuttle bus servicing this area each half-hour.  Thank you for planning accordingly.
  • Shuttle Stop Changes - An updated Shuttle Bus schedule is being finalized and will be posted on the Transportation and Parking website in August.  Please note that there will be some new and some eliminated shuttle stops, including:
      • Lot 23 stop (near Berra Stadium) has been added.
      • CarParc Diem Deck stop has been added, and will be serviced every 30-minutes.
      • Student Recreation Center stop is not available due to the construction activity in this region of campus.
      • Lot 22 stop is also unavailable due to construction.
      • Lot 40 stop has been eliminated, as this lot - as referenced above - is no longer available.
      • Lot 28 stop has been eliminated due to safety concerns.
      • Sinatra Hall (the University's newest residence hall, located on Clove Road) has its own dedicated shuttle stop.
2.  Changes to Parking Policies and Procedures
Among the links at the bottom of this communication is the 2010-2011 MSU Parking Policies and Procedures document.  While it is the responsibility of all persons who procure a parking permit to read and agree to abide by the polices and procedures, I wish to highlight a few of the more significant changes that have been incorporated this year:
  • Parking Citation Appeals - Based upon feedback from the campus community and in the interest of streamlining and improving the appeals process, citation appeals will no longer be a two-tiered process.  There will be one appeal, which will not require pre-payment of one's citation.  If an appeal is denied, payment will then become due within ten business days.
  • Red Hawk Deck permit fee increase - There is a slight increase in the cost of the salary band-based fee structure for the Red Hawk Deck.  The increases are $25/year for employees at the lower salary bands, and $50/year for those at this higher salary bands.  The fee structure is outlined on the policies and procedures link.  As noted above, faculty and staff who wish to avail themselves to the CarParc Diem Deck will be charged the same fee as for the Red Hawk Deck.  (Note:  Buying a permit for one Deck does not grant access to the other; the Red Hawk and CarParc Diem passes are each exclusive to that particular facility.)
  •  Hang-Tags in Surface Lots - In another effort to simplify processes, hang-tags will be the only form of permits for surface lots this year.  The decals that were an option in the past were very lightly used and were a source of confusion for customers and enforcement officers alike.
  • Special Event Parking - For those of you who plan to host conferences and special events which require the provision of parking, there are updated requirements identified in the policies and procedures.  Thank you for carefully reviewing them and planning accordingly.
3.  Schedule for Employee Parking Registration
Permits can be obtained on-line (see link below) and as per the following schedule:

Faculty/Staff Permit Type
Employees with a current Red Hawk Deck Permit (please have your transponder number available when you register)
Employees interested in the new CarParc Diem Deck Permit
Employees who wish to purchase an initial Red Hawk Deck Permit
Full Time Faculty/Staff Hang Tag
8/2/2010Part Time Faculty Staff Hang Tag
8/2/2010Adjunct Faculty Hang Tag
8/2/2010Faculty/Staff  Handicap Permits (you must first be certified by the Office of Employee Benefits)
Motorcycle Permit (Not available for purchase on-line; please visit the Parking Office in the Red Hawk Deck) 

Important links:

Our evolving campus has necessitated a number of changes and updates to the parking program. I hope that this e-mail has been helpful to you; however, if, after reading it and visiting the link to the 2010-11 Parking Policies and Procedures you have any questions, I ask that you e-mail us at parking@mail.montclair.edu. We will respond promptly to all questions.


Tim Carey
Assistant Vice President
Facilities Services