Bradford students visit Sprague Library

Judith Lin Hunt, dean of Library Services at Montclair State University's Sprague Library, gave a tour of the library on Dec. 10 to first graders from the Bradford School in Montclair. "We want the students to take come away with several ideas," said Hunt.  "First, they should know that because there is so much information in the world it's always good to ask a librarian for help to find out the best information possible. Also, they should know that there are many resources in a library—books, electronic books, databases to look up subjects, journals and magazines in print and online, microform and media." Hunt said the library has been giving tours to students at Bradford, the University's magnet school, for several years. After the tour the students watched a video about whales. When asked how many books the students thought were in Sprague Library, the answers ranged from 1,000 to 4,000, slighly lower than the Library's 500,000 volumes!