Campus-wide Recycling Program Begins

Beginning November 15, 2004, Montclair State University will implement a campus-wide, multi-material recycling program.

Under the leadership of Mr. Walter Watkins, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Operations, this program represents a significant departure from past efforts. Instead of an ad-hoc program, we are about to embark on a coordinated and well-planned effort to:

  • Save Energy
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Reduce Emissions of Air and Water Pollutants
  • Conserve Natural Resources
  • Reduce the Need for Landfills
  • Supply Valuable Resources for Industry
  • Strengthen the Local Economy

New recycling containers have been placed in strategic areas of residence halls, the Student Center, academic and administrative buildings, as well as exterior grounds.

Please for instructions on how and what to recycle. Also, stay tuned for regular communications regarding the environmental benefits of recycling.

Please remember, not only is recycling the right thing to do, it also is the official policy of the University and it is consistent with State and municipal mandates including:

  • NJ Source Separation and Recycling Act P.L. 1987, C. 102
  • Executive Order #34
  • State of NJ Sustainability Greenhouse Gas Action Plan
LetÂ’s all work together to help our campus become a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly place.