Recent Activities of Our Members

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Margaret Mukherjee with two students in her Workshop on Learning Outcomes

Margaret Mukherjee

Margaret Mukherjee has served at the beginning of this year as a Fulbright Specialist in Education in a six week program at the Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City. Among her other duties she taught a Workshop on Learning Outcomes and Assessment of Teaching.  This latest position continues Margaret's international outreach; previously she has participated in Teaching in English faculty training programs in China, South Korea and Austria. Margaret's blog contains delightful photos showing her interaction with her Vietnamese students.

Carole Stone

Cavankerry Press has recently published Carole Stone latest book of poetry American Rhapsody.  Carole will be giving a series of readings at Caldwell College, Watchung Books, Cornelia Street Cafe, and the University.  Carole's book is available from the University Press of New England (800-4211561) or online at Barnes and Noble.

Richard Franke

Richard W. Franke continues to live and undertake educational activities in the Ecovillage at Ithaca, including preparation of website materials and supervision of student research. He writes an occasional column on sustainability issues several times a year for the Tompkins Weekly. Eight pieces have been published so far and several more are in preparation. Recent essays covered a range from the Easter Island environmental tragedy to the connections between racism and the environment. You can access these articles online at   To see Richard's other post-retirement publications including public lectures to community organizations, go to   Richard is continuing to teach an online course at the University: ANTH 140: Nonwestern Contributions to the Western World.

Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan joined with Mike Van Zile ‘71,and John Brunelli ’71 to talk with members the MSU football team before the 2010 game with Hamden Sydney. Professor Sullivan was the offensive line coach for the 1970 MSU Knute Rockne Bowl Team. Tim, John and Mike organized a 40th anniversary celebration in November 2010 to commemorate our NCAA Knute Rockne Bowl victory 7-6 over Hampden Sydney College in Atlantic City’s Convention Hall. Forty players along with spouses and other program advocates attended the celebration at the Mayfair Farms, in West Orange.

Ludwik Kowalski

 Ludwik Kowalski is working on a presentation  Theists and Atheists: Futile Confrontations to be presented at a conference this summer. Here is the beginning of the abstract: Scientific norms were recognized by the sociologist R. Merton. No similar norms exist among those who argue about existence of God. Most aggressive theists are not theologians and most aggressive atheists are not scientists. The prevailing positions among these groups are antagonistic. Such conflicts are dangerous; eposodes of killing in the name of attitudes toward God are widely known. Is it possible to eliminate such conflicts? ...   Ludwik answers this question positively, focusing on S. J. Gould's idea of two non-overlapping magisteria (NOMA). That idea, if accepted as a norm of all educators--secular and non-secular--could become the basis for a slow process of ending poisonous confrontations. If anyone is interested in seeing the initial draft (about 500 words) of Ludwik's presentation, to constructively criticize it, and to guide him in this project?  Contact him via his MSUemail.

In June Ludwik will address a Conference on the Philosophy of Science in Montreal, Canada.  Here is the abstract.  The field of Cold Fusion, now called Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS), remains controversial. The original 1989 claim made by M. Fleischmann and S. Pons was that a chemical process in an electrolytic cell could initiate a nuclear reaction–fusion of two deuterium nuclei. More recent CMNS claims, made by experimental scientists,are: emission of charged nuclear projectiles during electrolysis; accumulation of 4He; production of radioactive isotopes; and transmutation of elements. In the US, CMNS claims have been evaluated in two Department of Energy (DOE) investigations, in 1989and 2004, as summarized in this article. These investigations did not lead to any resolution of the controversy. Scientists and adminstrators are not ideal; competition among them, as among other groups of people, tends to have both positive and negative influences.

Ernestine Schlant Bradley

Ernestine Schlant Bradley is teaching part-time at the New School (a Kafka-only course) and also at the  Jewish Community Center in Manhattan on the topic The Genesis of Prejudice focusing on social psychology. In January Ernestine taught a four-week Intersession course at New College in Sarasota, Florida.

Maria Schantz

Maria Schantz attended the November 2011 meeting in Chicago of The National Council  of Teachers of English which was celebrating  its 101st Annual Convention in Chicago,November 17-22,2011. Maria has been an active participant in NCTE since 1968.  She has presented workshops and served on many Commissions.The theme of the NCTE Centennial was Reading the Past,Writing the Future.  Maria chaired the session , Books on Families and the Peer Cultures of Our Times.  Four authors representing  three genres: 1. the memoir (Thomas C. Williams)  2. the  novel (James King), and 3. the anthology (Helen Weiss and M. Jerry Weiss) presented papers and celebrated the conference theme as they shared reflections on families and culture.

JoAnne Englebert

On February 29th JoAnne Englebert presented a lecture and a translation workshop to the Department of Spanish and Italian and the Hispanic Honor Society at the University.  The lecture was entitled The Light by Which Write: Homage to Roberto Sosa (1930-2011).  The workshop was devoted to Three Poems by Roberto Sosa.

The Executive Committee

Your Executive Committee (David Kelly, Peter Macaluso, Rosemarie McCauley, Tim Sullivan, Ree Arnold, and Maria Schantz) has planned an exciting spring meeting for Friday, April 20th at the Yogi Berra Museum with a guided tour, followed by lunch and a narrated bus tour of  the campus focusing on all the new developments.  You will receive the invitation via email very shortly.

Thanks to the Committee the document listing the benefits (email, library, and parking) distributed to all new emeriti will now contain a reference to our association.  All Emeriti become members of the MSU Emeriti Association.  The Association congratulates you on this honor and welcomes you.  For more information on the Association, please refer to our website which lists the objectives, privileges and benefits of the Association.

The Executive Committee is concerned that only a very small number of departments mention their emeriti in their faculty lists.  We feel very strongly that retired emeriti faculty should not disappear from all mention in the departments they served so devotedly over many years.  We do plan to enlist the help of the administration in this matter.  If you agree with our position, why not contact the chairs of your department and suggest that there be a separate section in their faculty listing for all emeriti faculty?