Fairfield School Brings Blue Skies and Fair Weather to NJSOC

NJSOC is proud to announce the re-opening of the Wapalanne campus! Fairfield School is the first school group since September to stay in the small cabins that spot the hill over-looking Lake Wappalanne. This past September Hurricane Irene took away the bridge linking the two sides of campus, but now we are back in full swing!

Samantha Mass

Students participate in New Games

Fairfield made the four-hour trek from South Jersey to enjoy the mountains and forests of the northwestern part of their state. Coordinator Stefanie Wheaton has been bringing students to Stokes State forest for 11 years and this is the first year she can remember without any rain. Instead of the cloudy skies of years past, students took in warm spring temperatures and clear blue skies during their three-day stay at SOC.

On their first day students jumped right in to team-building exercises during the Action Socialization Experience. These team challenges encourage students to communicate and work together to solve a common problem. The theme of teamwork followed them through their stay here onto the Confidence Course, in which students trusted their classmates to spot them on a low-ropes course.  The same supportive team effort was apparent on the Climbing Wall, where students belay their peers, and even onto Lake Wappalanne during Boating, as students paddled together to explore the lake.

Despite no rain during their stay, the students from Fairfield still managed to get a little wet. Enthusiastic bug hunters in Water Ecology trekked into the stream, sometimes past the tops of their boots, searching for aquatic invertebrates. We hope the students and teachers of Fairfield enjoyed their time at SOC and hope the nice weather continues for their future visits!