Artists featured in 2012 BFA Studio Thesis Show

Prof. Julie Heffernan, coordinator for the BFA in Studio program, provides a synopsis of the artists featured in this year's BFA Studio Thesis show:
Nick Andriulo is concentrating in Photo and has created a series of images that use projection and obscure lighting sources to put the spotlight on an aging diva who might or might not be the artist himself.  He uses odd makeup and soap-operatic environments to bring a sense of poignancy to these "romantic" figures.
Erin B. Doyle is a painter who has made a series of grand, beautifully crafted large-scale triptychs featuring highly wrought tree forms that deal with themes of tenuous life and the ever-present threat of mortality.  Swarms of flies populate the skies while twinkling candles light up the spindly tree branches.

Ann-Marie Caruso is a photographer who creates vivid tableaux featuring herself in the guise of different persona enacting personal dramas dealing with the concerns of women in daily life struggling with the imperatives of their biological clock and other women's issues.

J. Max Chamberlain
is a painter who has created large-scale oil paintings that deal with the natural environment and the four elements, but using subtle techniques that describe the beauty and alienation of nature at the same time.

Erin Doris is a painter who has taken up the tough issue of transgendered people who must struggle on a daily basis with society's expectations about normativity and gender identification.  In one of her paintings, she calls upon Norman Rockwell and his scenes of Americana to show us another very real side of American life.

Dustin Gramando is a sculptor who is a satirist as well.  He has created a series of sculptures that resemble mock trophies, critiquing our culture's love affair with technology.  Cell phones blow up, microwaves catch on fire, and the dream of utopian technology solving the problems of our limited brains is questioned with wit and insight.

Woojae Kang is a painter who draws on the history of abstraction to create paintings that are highly textured and expressively wrought.  She has created a series of "box paintings" that call into question the traditional painting support of the canvas and enlivens the conversation about on what we can paint.

Zackary Klein is a jeweler who is making large metal pieces that might function as necklaces and bracelets but resemble more the scaffolding of helmets and protective gear.  They call into question the function of jewelry to beautify and bring out the subtext of protection that might, in fact, undergird our desire to ornament ourselves.

Haylee Anne is a photographer who is dealing with feminist issues of societal expectations about how women should be seen, and undermines those presumptions with wit and humor. Women are now knotted up in their brassieres and entrapped in their pantyhose - all is not well in the world of fashion magazines!

Samantha Mazart
is a photographer whose project is conceptually oriented.  She is critiquing her own consumerist habits by photographing all the clothes she has bought over the year and then offering each of these items up to the viewers for free.

Celina Vibert is a sculptor who is using the human form to foreground her interest in body image and variability.  She has made paper casts of body parts from all sorts of different body types--men, women, large and tiny people--and is making a veritable "wall" of these parts to show that variety in all its glorious differentiation.