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Stephanie Silvera

Dr. Stephanie Silvera

“Hospitalizations are ticking up, but that’s also to be expected after the holidays. We’ve seen this pattern before. The problem is, not a lot of people are getting boosted at this point, and so our overall level of immunity is a little bit lower. If you can meet outdoors, keep windows open, improve ventilation, and I think one of the really important things is if you feel sick, stay home.”

Professor of Public Health, Stephanie Silvera, addresses the rise of COVID-19 cases during the holidays with NJ Spotlight News. 

Dr. Daniela Peterka-Benton

“The Pizzagate conspiracy is an example of the sensational and fictitious presentation of human trafficking that makes solving the real problem of human trafficking so much more difficult.”

Associate Professor of Justice Students, Dr. Daniela Peterka-Benton, comments about the Pizzagate conspiracy in a recent study that was featured by USA Today.

Dr. Manuel Gonzalez

“Don’t react to envy impulsively. Instead, explore what you are fixating on when you feel envious.What issues does it bring up in your own life? Use that information to clarify your own desires and ambitions. Then, ask yourself: Why do I envy this person? How can I use this person as a role model? What can I learn that can change my own situation?”

Professor of Psychology, Dr. Manuel Gonzalez, speaks to The New York Times about the ups and downs of envy. 

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