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Mechanical Engineering and Physics: a Bachelor’s/Master’s 5-year Program with the Stevens Institute of Technology

Earn a BS in Physics and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in 5 years.

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The Program

Interested in Engineering? Consider our newly updated 5-year dual-degree program with the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. Students in this program spend their first three years at Montclair State University working on the requirements for a BS in Physics. In Year 4 of the program they enroll full-time in the Masters program at Stevens, working toward their Master of Engineering (ME) degree in Mechanical Engineering. Some of those ME courses will also count towards finishing the requirements for the BS Physics degree, awarded at the end of Year 4, with the ME degree awarded by Stevens at the end of Year 5.

Eligibility and Process

Students interested in this program must notify the program advisor (Dr. Marc Favata) in the Department of Physics and Astronomy about their interest at the time of entry into Montclair State University, i.e. beginning of Year 1. At this stage, students are considered candidates for the program and are required to meet with their faculty advisor at least once a semester by appointment. Students should follow the modified General Education requirements for this program (see curriculum guide below). Note that admission into the ME program at Stevens is not guaranteed. By the end of Year 2, the advisor will determine if the candidate is on-track to complete the requisite courses at Montclair State. The student must also achieve the program GPA requirement (at least a 3.2 overall and 3.0 in-major) to qualify for the dual-degree program. If the student is on-track, they will be interviewed by a committee consisting of  Montclair and Stevens faculty members. Upon that committee’s recommendation, the student will then formally apply for graduate admission to Stevens. Stevens will notify the student of acceptance during the spring term of Year 3. If accepted, the appropriate coursework at Stevens starts at the beginning of Year 4. During Years 4 and 5 the student is enrolled in the graduate program at Stevens and pays graduate tuition at that institution.

If the student is not accepted to the ME program or is not completing the requirements on schedule, he/she can complete Year 4 at Montclair State and graduate with a BS in physics. In their senior year they can consider application to any master’s program in engineering. Other 5-year dual-degree options (such as an MBA, a MS in Applied Math, or a Master of Arts in Teaching) are alternatives that might be appealing to the student. (See our department Degree Programs for more information.)

Why Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is a highly desirable degree that provides many well paying career opportunities. The broadest of the engineering disciplines, it focuses on the design and building of machines and mechanical systems to meet human needs. Physics forms the basis of mechanical engineering, and a BS Physics degree is excellent preparation for graduate study in several engineering disciplines. Learn more about the field of Mechanical Engineering on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Course Information

A complete list of courses and suggested sequence can be found in the curriculum guide for the program.  Note that this is a rigorous program, and most physics requirements need to be completed within 3 years. Students will be expected to take a full load of courses during their 6 semesters at Montclair State (typically 16 to 18 credits per semester). Students starting their math coursework in calculus 1 are best prepared to complete their Montclair requirements within three years. Those interested in the program should arrange a meeting with the program advisor to help find the most efficient course sequence.

Contact Information

For more information about this BS Physics/Master’s in Mechanical Engineering Program, contact Prof. Marc Favata in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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