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Dr, Marc Favata

A roar, a crash and a major scientific tool that was a piece of New Jersey’s roots is gone

Dr. Marc Favata discusses the Arecibo Observatory, a radio telescope in Puerto Rico, that recently collapsed due to damages.

Winter session courses in astronomy and physics

Available courses include Astronomy for Everyone and College Physics 1.

Physics adds new dual-degree options in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Math, Business, and Teaching

Great options for new students and transfers to get their BS in Physics and a Master’s degree

blueprint and measuring tools

Mechanical Engineering and Physics: a Bachelor’s/Master’s 5-year Program with the Stevens Institute of Technology

Earn a BS in Physics and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in 5 years.

Professor awarded grant for NSF supercomputing time

Will train introductory physics students to use Python to solve problems

A “bang” in LIGO and Virgo detectors signals most massive gravitational-wave source yet

A binary black hole merger likely produced gravitational waves equal to the energy of eight suns.

Congratulations to our largest class of graduating Physics majors!

The Physics & Astronomy Department congratulates our 13 graduating physics majors!

Prof. Ernest Ma granted emeritus status

Physics and Astronomy Department launches new Pre-Medical Concentration

Tenure-track opening in experimental physics, quantum computing

physics at Yogi Berra Museum

Physics and Sports

The Yogi Berra Museum and the Physics Club hosted a Physics Day for a Middle School from Waldwick NJ. Students encountered many examples of how physics influences sports through demonstrations and interactive experiences.

students learning about physics

Physics Day 2019

The Physics and Astronomy department held its annual Physics Day in celebration of Women In Science.