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Scholarships in the Physics and Astronomy Department are determined by a department committee. Some scholarships are primarily based on merit, and others on a combination of merit and financial need. There is no need to apply for merit-based scholarships: all majors in the department are automatically considered. If you wish to be considered for a scholarship based on financial need or would like additional information about scholarships, please contact the department chairperson, Marc Favata.

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Dean Hamden Scholarship Awards
Amount: multiple awards, $300 to $400
Criteria: Recognizes student excellence in the teacher certification program, service to the department, or other areas of academic or research excellence.
Richard Hodson Physics Award
Amount: varies, up to $1000
Criteria: Awarded annually to one or more outstanding physics majors or minors.
Ben Minor Physics Award
Amount: $500
Criteria: Awarded annually to an outstanding or promising non-senior physics student.
Ken O. Smith Physics Award
Amount: $300
Criteria: Awarded annually to highest-performing student in PHYS 191 over the past year, regardless of major.
Mary Lou West Scholarship
Amount: $300
Criteria: For excellence in a beginning physics major.
Joan L. Dalton Memorial Graduate Fellowship in Astronomy
Amount: up to $50,000; frequency varies
Criteria: Provides funding to a graduating physics major to pursue a PhD in any area of astronomy or astrophysics. See the Dalton Astronomy Scholarship (PDF)
Contact: Marc Favata, Fellowship Administrator
Noyce STEM-4-STEM Scholarship for preservice teachers
Amount: About $32,000 (tuition, stipends, costs related to certification, etc.) over two years.
Deadline: May 2, 2022

Additional scholarship opportunities for those interested in Physics Teaching are available at the Center of Pedagogy’s Grants and Scholarships page.

For a full list of scholarships available to CSAM students visit the Undergraduate or Graduate scholarships pages.