Photo of physics graduates.

Physics Club

The Montclair State Physics Club provides a venue for physics majors to interact, have fun, and learn more about physics. The club organizes weekly events, including guest lectures, field trips, tutoring and hands-on projects. Come for the free food—stay for the fun! Physics club welcomes students from any major. It’s a great place to meet other students interested in physics, get to know the physics faculty, and learn about the major and related programs. Most Physics Club events are advertised on the department Seminars and Events page.

Physics Club is a student-run organization and is supported by the department faculty. More information about the Physics Club can be found on their Engage website.


You can sign up for the Physics Club email list by sending an email to with “subscribe physics-club FirstName LastName” in the subject line. (You should use an MSU email address.) You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of subscribing. This list is used by the physics faculty to send important information to physics majors.