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Degree Programs

Physics and Astronomy offers a variety of degree programs. All involve a set of core courses designed to develop basic knowledge of physics and critical thinking and analysis skills. Along with our physics major and astronomy concentration, we offer several options to train as a physics or science teacher (K-12). We also have two dual BS/MS five-year programs: both offer a BS in Physics from Montclair State and either an MS degree in Mathematics (Montclair State) or MS degree in Mechanical Engineering (Stevens Institute of Technology). Note that all of our undergraduate degree programs will automatically fulfill the requirements for a minor in Mathematics. Love physics but not ready to switch majors? Consider a minor in Physics.

Physics is at the heart of all natural science and engineering disciplines. It also teaches technical skills that are in high demand (data analysis, problem modeling, computation, designing experiments, technical writing/presentation). In addition to high-paying jobs, a physics degree is a great entry point for graduate study in other natural sciences (chemistry, biology, geology), engineering or computer science. Physics also provides great preparation for careers or further study in finance, business, law, and medicine. In fact, physics majors have among the highest scores on the MCAT and LSAT exams. Read our Why Study Physics page to learn more about the benefits of a physics degree. For more information about our courses and advice for physics and CSAM majors, see our student advising page.

Physics Degree Programs (non-teaching)



Teacher Training Degrees and Certificate Programs

Montclair State has a long tradition of training physics teachers. We offer several degree programs and certificates to train both new students and those with an existing degree to become physics or physical science teachers. There is an extreme shortage of physics teachers with a degree in the subject. Our graduates are in high demand and have an excellent record of finding jobs in top-performing school districts. Physics teachers also take a substantial number of Mathematics courses and are well-qualified to teach AP Calculus and other high school math. Learn more about why you should train to be a physics teacher. Scholarships and stipends are also available through Montclair State’s Noyce Science Teacher Scholarship Program.




Contact Dr. Dean Hamden for advising related to any of our teacher training programs.

Our student advising page contains other useful information for physics majors and students enrolling in our introductory physics courses.