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Physics adds new dual-degree options in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Math, Business, and Teaching

Great options for new students and transfers to get their BS in Physics and a Master’s degree

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The Physics and Astronomy Department is pleased to announce several new 5-year dual-degree options. These degree paths provide the rigorous training of a Physics Bachelor of Science (BS) degree and also award a Master’s degree in the areas of Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Business, or Teaching. The strong analytical training of a physics degree is excellent preparation for a diverse range of fields. With an extra year of study, these dual degree pathways provide an additional set of skills and certifications that will yield a competitive edge in the job market. Details for each degree option are below.  A cost savings is provided by allowing graduate-level courses to count towards both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. The programs are designed so that the BS degree is completed in three or four years. Graduate coursework is typically started in the fourth year, and the Master’s degree is awarded at the end of year 5. These dual-degree pathways are also a good option for transfer students who have already completed their General Education requirements and have room in their schedules to begin their graduate courses while completing their undergraduate degree.

Here are the different dual-degree pathways:

  • BS Physics + Master of Engineering (ME) in Mechanical Engineering: This 4 + 1 program is great preparation for a physics student who plans to pursue an industry job in engineering. Students complete their Physics BS coursework in 3 years at Montclair State. In year 4 they begin their Mechanical Engineering coursework at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. The BS from Montclair State is awarded at the end of year 4, and the Master’s degree is awarded after completion of year 5. The combination of physics and mechanical engineering degrees provides an exceptionally strong skill set to the graduate. Click here to read more about this program.
  • BS Physics + Master of Science in Applied Mathematics: This 4 + 1 program provides a good option for students who want additional preparation and exploration in a field close to Physics. While completing their Physics BS, students can begin taking courses in Applied Mathematics. This includes a course in General Relativity, and students have the option to do a research or thesis project with a physics faculty member. This pathway is an excellent option for a student who wants to pursue a PhD in Physics or Applied Mathematics, or apply for an industry job that requires strong mathematical, computational, and problem-solving skills. See the curriculum guide for this program to learn more.
  • BS Physics + Master of Business Administration (MBA): Many physicists become successful entrepreneurs and business people, or work in finance, accounting, and management consulting. A physics BS and a MBA provide a great degree pair as many companies are looking for candidates with strong analytical ability as well as knowledge of business, economics, and related fields. Students in this pathway begin their MBA coursework in their senior year, graduate with their Physics BS degree, then wrap up their MBA in year 5. See the curriculum guide for more information.
  • MS Physics + Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT): Montclair State has a long history of training physics teachers and our graduates routinely land coveted positions in academically strong high schools. This 4 + 1 pathway provides the same rigorous training as our Physics major and certifies the graduate to teach high school Physics or Physical Science (physics + chemistry). In addition to the Master’s degree (which affords most new teachers a higher starting salary), this program provides additional training that leads to a certification in teaching students with disabilities. These are especially good options for transfer students interested in physics teaching. In addition to the 4+1 BS/MAT options, the stand-alone MAT degree in Physics or Physical Science is also available for students who have already completed their undergraduate degree in a field close to Physics. See our degree programs page for more information about our options for becoming a physics teacher.

For more information about these degree programs, please see our degree programs website or contact our department chairperson.