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Jurisprudence Major Course Rotation


General Scheduling, though at times there may be exceptions:

JURI495 is only offered in the Fall and JURI496 is only offered in the Spring.

JURI210 – Fall and Spring semesters

LAWS200 – Fall and Spring semesters, day and evening

LAWS302 – Fall and Spring semesters, day and evening

Please plan your schedules accordingly.


For the Jurisprudence major, the prerequisites for JURI495, Senior Seminar are:

JURI210 or LAWS200 and

JURI300 Essentials of Jurisprudence and

LAWS302 Legal Research.

Be sure that you have completed these by the end of your junior year so that you are able to enroll in JURI495. There are no waivers of these requirements.

While JURI324 is not a requirement for JURI495, it is highly recommended that you take it before JURI495, as it is most beneficial to your work.