Image of a clinician talking with a parent and two children in a clinical setting.

Bachelor of Arts in Child Advocacy and Policy

There is an increasing demand for trained professionals who understand the complex challenges faced by today’s children and their families, many of whom lack adequate access to education, healthcare, and other basic services. Child advocacy professionals are prepared to help. They draw on an interdisciplinary knowledge base to represent the rights of children and families. A child advocacy professional can hold many different job titles. Our graduates pursue careers in non-profit management, mental health, social work, and other helping professions. Graduates work with state agencies, legal organizations, school systems, non-profit agencies, and other community based organizations.

Through the perspectives of social work, psychology, and law, the Bachelor of Arts in Child Advocacy and Policy offers students:

  • knowledge of child advocacy and child protection, with a particular focus on policy and practice issues relevant to vulnerable children and their families.
  • the requisite knowledge and outlook in child advocacy that prepare students for graduate studies
  • the opportunity to serve at a helping organization to fulfill the internship requirement, which provides students with critical experience in the field.

The major consists of 39 credit hours (12 courses and 1 elective). To add the major email Nathaniel Aker at  You will have to complete a Major/ Minor form.

Contact us via email or visit us: Dickson Hall – Room 301
Nathaniel Aker, Program Coordinator, will be present in the office on Wednesdays, Thursdays and every other Friday (call or email to confirm Fridays).
All other weekdays, we are available remotely via email, phone and zoom.

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