Photo of desk with computer monitor displaying Montclair State University website.

WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes are a feature in WordPress that expand the abilities of content editors by simplifying the addition and formatting of content. There are several shortcodes created specifically for the Montclair State website to provide custom content types for our site.

Shortcodes can be “self-closing”, which don’t require a closing tag, or “enclosing”, which control the content between the tags:

[shortcode] content [/shortcode]

Most of our shortcodes are enclosing, and need the closing tag to function. For example, a commonly used shortcodes is [caption]. This can be used to provide a text caption below an image, but also serves to resize an image to fit its container (more on this in the captions page).

Each page in the shortcode library includes code samples that can be copied directly into the WordPress editor.

Many shortcodes have additional controls, called attributes. These can be used to specify variables, such as color, image source, text label, and more. Attributes are added within the opening tag as follows:

[shortcode attribute name="value"] content [/shortcode]

The table below lists each shortcode’s attributes for quick reference. Examples can be found on each shortcode’s individual page.

Shortcode Cheat Sheet

Name Attributes Description
band none Provides vertical space between elements.
beforeandafter class Displays 2 images with a slider to switch between them.
button class Changes the appearance of a link.
calendarfeed_25live filter, maxevents, startdate, enddate, noimages, vertical, showtimes, showlocations Displays events from the 25 Live events calendar
caption none Tells WordPress to dynamically size your image
column class Creates a column (must be used inside a row)
contactinfo department, location, phone, fax, email Displays contact information in a standardized box and automatically creates links to phone number and email
countdown label, enddate, endtime, timezone Displays a countdown on an event page
drawer open, label A collapsible drawer that can hold content
googlecalendar url Displays an embedded Google Calendar on a page
homepageband class, align, scalable, image A band of content on a homepage template
homepagehero label, showlinks The image at the top of a homepage
homepageherocarousel none A carousel of content at the top of a homepage
homepageherocarouselitem background, label, cta, link A carousel of content at the top of a homepage
hotspot image An image with labeled points the visitor can hover over
hotpoint left, top, label A point inside a hotspot
iconbar none Displays icons
inset class An inset area with background color
lastupdated none Shows the last time the page was updated
masonryset none Creates a set of tiles on a homepage
masonrytile class, background Creates a set of tiles on a homepage
newsfeed vertical, maxitems, channel, category, noimages Displays articles
panopto url, title Displays video from Panopto on page
photobutton vertical, horizontal, lt-gray, red, version-2, double A button with a photo inside it
photogallery none Creates a photo gallery
photogalleryitem none Creates a photo gallery
profile netid, smallphoto, hidden Displays one or more profiles from the University directory
profiletable netid, hidden Displays one or more profiles from the University directory
row none Creates a row
smallband image, align, class A band of background color with an image floated to the left or right.
tab label A tab that contains content
tabgroup none A container used to group multiple tabs together