Photo of desk with computer monitor displaying Montclair State University website.

Homepage Hero Image

The homepagehero shortcode displays a static image at the top of the page with an optional band of three call-to-action buttons.

There are four attributes available for this shortcode:


Undergraduate Admissions homepage hero image with three buttons: Sign Up for More Information, 4 Ways to Visit Montclair State, and Check Your Status. Homepage also includes logo area, Menu, Search and Apply tabs.


Name Possible Values Required Notes
label Any Text Yes (none)
showlinks true or false No False by default. Can be used to hide call-to-action buttons on pages that don’t have any.
background URL to an image (starting with /) No If not specified, the page’s Featured Image will be used.

Code Sample

[homepagehero background="/admissions/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2016/06/travel-cover.jpg" alt="Photo of students taking selfie outside University Hall"]

<div class="row">

<div class="column">[button class="full-width ghost-white"]<a href="#">Sign Up for More Information</a>[/button]</div>

<div class="column">[button class="full-width ghost-white"]<a href="/admissions/visit-us/">4 Ways to Visit Montclair State</a>[/button]</div>

<div class="column">[button class="full-width ghost-white"]<a href="" target="_blank">Check Your Status</a>[/button]</div>