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News Feeds

The newsfeed shortcode can be used to display a grid or list of a WordPress site’s blog posts (or, if you’re transitioning from the old site, from the University News system) on any page. It offers five optional attributes with which to control layout:

Horizontal Layout

Screenshot of newsfeed on homepage

Items laid out horizontally on a homepage template will display with four items across the screen.

Screenshot of Newsfeed on subpage

Items laid out horizontally on a default template will display with three items across the screen.

Vertical Layout

You can use the vertical layout option to display two feeds side-by-side or to put a news feed next to a social media feed.

Screenshot of vertical news feeds

You can also use the attribute channel to display a channel from the University News system instead of the posts from the WordPress site.


Name Possible Values Required Notes
category text No The slug (see WordPress Categories menu)
channel a number No If set, a Channel ID from the University News system
maxitems a number No How many articles to show
noimages true or false No If set to true, images will not be displayed
vertical true or false No Default: false

Code Sample

[newsfeed vertical="false" maxitems="4"]

[newsfeed vertical="true" maxitems="4"]

[newsfeed vertical="true" maxitems="4" channel="7"]