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News Feeds

The newsfeed shortcode can be used to pull information in from a WordPress site’s blog or, if you’re transitioning from the old site, from the University News system. It also has settings that will allow you to configure its look.

Horizontal Layout

Screenshot of newsfeed on homepage

Items laid out horizontally on a homepage template will display with four items across the screen.

Screenshot of Newsfeed on subpage

Items laid out horizontally on a default template will display with three items across the screen.

Vertical Layout

You can use the vertical layout option to display two feeds side-by-side or to put a news feed next to a social media feed.

Screenshot of vertical news feeds

You can also use the attribute channel to display a channel from the University News system instead of the posts from the WordPress site.


Name Possible Values Required Notes
category text No The slug (see WordPress Categories menu)
channel a number No If set, a Channel ID from the University News system
maxitems a number No How many articles to show
noimages true or false No If set to true, images will not be displayed
vertical true or false No Default: false

Code Sample

[newsfeed vertical="false" maxitems="4"]

[newsfeed vertical="true" maxitems="4"]

[newsfeed vertical="true" maxitems="4" channel="7"]