Photo of desk with computer monitor displaying Montclair State University website.


The hotspot and hotpoint shortcodes allows you to place markers on an image. The visitor can mouse-over or tab to these markers to expand a label. This is achieved by listing the hotpoint shortcodes within the

shortcode. Hotpoints are placed by assigning percentage points to the left and top attributes:


Aerial Photo of campus
Susan A. Cole Hall
Freeman Hall
Russ Hall
John J Cali School of Music

Code Sample

[[hotspot image="/web-services/wp-content/uploads/sites/119/2018/07/campus-aerial.jpg"]

[hotpoint left="39.6" top="63.5" label="Susan A. Cole Hall" url=""]
[hotpoint left="46.89" top="34.91" label="Freeman Hall"]
[hotpoint left="64.44" top="33.5" label="Russ Hall"]
[hotpoint left="73.55" top="44.79" label="John J Cali School of Music"]



Hotspot Shortcode

Name Possible Values Required Notes
image url of an image Yes The image URL should be for an image in your media library.

Hotpoint Shortcode

Name Possible Values Required Notes
label text Yes This is a text field – not HTML.
left number Yes The left position of the point in percentage.
top number Yes The top position of the point in percentage.
url URL of a page No If you provide a URL the hotpoint will act as a link.

Getting Coordinates in Percentage

The hotpoint shortcode requires you to provide coordinates for the point in percentage, not pixels. This ensures that your points are placed properly at any resolution or size – from small phone displays to large desktop monitors.

Using Adobe Photoshop it’s relatively easy to get percentage coordinates for your image.

Step 1: Get the Image Resolution

Open your image in Photoshop and then go to Image > Image Size. On a scrap piece of paper, write down the width and height of your image.

Screenshot of Image Pull-down
Screenshot of Image Size dialog

Step 2: Get the Coordinate in Pixels

Choose the ruler tool. Click and drag on your image starting at the place you want to put your point. Copy down the X and Y coordinates for each hotpoint you’d like to create.

Step 3: Calculate Percentages

Now that you have the width, height, x, and y values for your image, you can easily calculate the left and top values using the formulae:

  • left = 100 × (x/width)
  • top = 100 × (y/height)