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Public and Professional Writing Major

Public and Professional Writing Major

The Department of Writing Studies offers a B.A. in Public and Professional Writing. This flexible major provides students with an interdisciplinary skill set that speaks to the demands of writing for the 21st Century. At 42 credits, this major is ideal for double-majoring.

Also consult our four year curriculum plan for details about how the major could be accomplished over four years of study.

Students can also apply for the “4 + 1” Bachelor’s/MBA program, during which students will spend three years taking courses required for the PPW program and in their fourth year, they will complete (along with required undergraduate program courses) 6 credits worth of graduate business (MBA) coursework. This will satisfy both undergraduate degree requirements and count toward achievement of the MBA degree. In the fifth year, students will take graduate courses required for a General MBA, in a full-time format.


For more information about the Public and Professional Writing major, please contact the chair of the Department of Writing Studies, Jessica Restaino.