Hours and Location

The CWE is now located in Bohn Hall. The entrance to the CWE is located to the left of the main Bohn Hall entrance. See campus map.

Regular fall and spring semester hours

  • Mondays, 10am-8pm
  • Tuesdays, 10am-8pm
  • Wednesdays, 10am-1pm and 2:30-8pm
  • Thursdays, 10am-8pm
  • Fridays, 10am-4pm
  • Saturdays, 11am-4pm
  • Sundays, 4pm-9pm

December 26 - December 30: ONLINE ONLY
January 3, 4, 5: 11am-7pm
January 6: 11am-4pm
January 8: ONLINE ONLY 2-7pm
January 9, 10, 11, 12: 11am-7pm
January 13: 11am-4pm

During Winter Session the CWE will be
closed on Saturdays and the following dates:

December 25
January 1 & 2
January 15 & 16

Hours are subject to change. See available appointments via our online schedule: https://montclair.mywconline.com/. The last appointment begins 30 minutes before we close.

Inclement Weather Notice: In the event of inclement weather, all appointments will be moved online. Please see the CWE Emergency Contingency Plan or check our CWE Facebook page for changes to our schedule. When the university closes due to an emergency, the CWE will move all appointments online whenever possible.