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How has the CWE helped you celebrate writing?

“The CWE has really helped me a lot. It has helped me to become a good writer and also a well-developed one. I am very grateful for the help that I have received from the staff.

Jennifer, Undergraduate, Biology

The CWE has helped me celebrate writing by helping me achieve my goals in writing assignments. The time I spend at the CWE directly reflects my grade on the writing assignments.  I have learned to edit and revise by reading out aloud to listen to my mistakes.  The CWE has successfully helped me achieve my goals in terms of composing a final work. Having English as second language, I have noticed improvements in my own writing.

Momna, Undergraduate, Biology

The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) has helped me to celebrate writing by improving my style and my way of expressing my thoughts better as well as obtaining excellent grades on my class assignments.

Rocco, Graduate, Family and Child Studies

It has helped me by showing me new techniques and rules that I have incorporated into my writing.

Thomas, Undergraduate, English/Political Science

It helped me with my writing skills and improved my academic work.

Tonia, Alumni, Food Science and Nutrition

What would you tell other writers about the benefits of visiting the CWE?

It can totally transform your writing style and make you a better writer, starting from the punctuation and ending with developing complicated thesis statements. You learn how to do it yourself instead of somebody doing it for you. The consultants are extraordinary people who love what they do and they make you, consequently, love it as well!

Amir, Undergraduate, Political Science

The ‘brainstorming sessions’ provided were invaluable. For me, the benefit of discussing a project from its inception, as well as sorting out my thoughts, helped enormously in bringing forth a REALLY good polished product. It is because of the help and the ‘confidence building’ sessions here at the CWE that I maintain a high GPA.

Demmy, Graduate, Public and Organizational Relations

The benefits of visiting the CWE are learning how to avoid common grammatical errors, become a better writer, and boost your confidence in achieving a higher grade on an assignment.

Elias, Undergraduate, Biology

A visit to the CWE significantly affects the quality of your writing.

Kofi, Undergraduate, Biology

I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It seems whatever questions you have, they’re answered there. Everyone is so helpful and kind, and it is a great atmosphere.

Theresa, Undergraduate, Child Advocacy

Share your favorite experience at the CWE.

My favorite experience at the CWE was when I realized that I am not a bad writer, but a disorganized one. I have learned to become a better, more organized writer.

            -Guillermo, Undergraduate

My favorite experience at the CWE was when I came in feeling like my essay did not make any sense and that I didn’t even know what I was talking about. After discussing it with Heather and having her help me, my essay started to make sense to me so I knew that I wanted to revise on my own for the middle draft.

Jenna, Undergraduate, Accounting

On my first day at the CWE, a consultant read my paper and said to me that I was a good writer. Before then I had always thought of myself as being bad at writing. This experience instilled a level of confidence in me. I am ever grateful.

Kofi, Undergraduate, Biology

I asked for help writing my resume, cover letter and essay for my internship application. They gave me very professional ideas and made my cover letter and essay wonderful. In fact, I was accepted to the internship of my first choice facility! I really appreciate their big help.

Rieko, Graduate, Music Therapy