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Schedule an appointment using our online scheduler (if you have not used the online scheduler before, you will be prompted to register first). To contact us by phone, please call the phone number highlighted in blue on the WC Online log-on page. This number changes according to which staff member is managing the Virtual Front Desk. You can also write to

  • Appointments are scheduled every hour on the half hour. Appointments are 25 minutes long.
  • Bring a copy of your work to your session (preferably on your laptop) or attach it to your appointment.
  • If you are more than five minutes late for a scheduled appointment and someone drops in, we will give your time away. If this happens, we will gladly schedule another appointment for you.


1) Log in to your account the same way you scheduled your appointment.

WC Online Sign In

2) Click on your appointment on the scheduled time and date. (Make sure to allow pop-ups for this website!)


3) In the middle of the appointment box you will see START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION in red letters. Click that link.

Appointment Box

4) The online session screen will open. If you have not already attached your piece of writing to your appointment box, you can now upload it copy & paste into the center of your screen.

WC Session With Greeting

5) In the lower right corner is the chat box; type your questions and comments there. You will see your chat dialogue with your consultant on the right side directly above the chat box.
          –If you have chosen the Zoom option, your consultant will send you the Zoom link in the chat.

NUMBER OF APPOINTMENTS PER WEEK: CWE appointments are limited to two appointments, per person, per week. 

     ➤  Only one appointment of two can be extended to 50 minutes.

     ➤  Writers can schedule appointments up to 4 weeks in advance. Writers may drop in for additional sessions as explained below.

DROP-IN APPOINTMENTS: Drop-in appointments can be scheduled 15 minutes in advance when there is an available opening. To schedule a drop-in, call the phone number posted on our sign-in page:

     ➤  Drop-ins are 25 minutes only.

     ➤  One drop-in, per writer, per day.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  All cancellations must be made the night before your appointment; the DEADLINE to cancel is 11:59 pm. After two SAME DAY CANCELLATIONS, your account will be disabled for one month. A third late cancellation or missed appointment will disable your account for the rest of the semester. No exceptions.

MISSED APPOINTMENT POLICY: If you miss two or more appointments and do not cancel them in advance, your account will be disabled for the rest of the semester. Or, if you miss one appointment and have a same-day cancellation, your account will also be disabled.  If your account is disabled, you will only be able to drop in since you will no longer have access to our online schedule. Canceling an appointment in advance is easy! You can call the CWE to cancel your appointment 973-655-7442 or log in to our schedule, click on your appointment, and select “cancel this appointment” at the bottom of your appointment box. Thank you for working with us to make sure that all the writers at Montclair State University who need appointments can get them.

DISABLED ACCOUNTS: When your account is disabled for late cancellations or missed appointments:

  • any scheduled future appointments will be canceled
  • you can still have sessions but on a DROP-IN BASIS ONLY.  Call the number on the WC Online log-on page when the center is open to see if a drop-in time is available.
  • your account is restored at the end of the semester (or after one month for late cancellations).

CONFIDENTIALITY: Prior to the spring 2020 semester, all work done and discussed in the center was confidential between the writer and CWE staff. However, the CWE is now required to report information about student sessions to the Office of Academic Services. If a writer requires proof of attendance, they can request a Confirmation Email which is sent from We do not share the content of the session but will verify attendance for the writer’s use.

Emergency Closures

CWE Emergency Contingency Plan

In the event that the University closes due to inclement weather or other emergency, the CWE will also be closed, however, we will change currently scheduled appointments to online appointments. See the Montclair State homepage for all weather-related and emergency closing announcements.

  • If you have an in-person appointment scheduled on a day that the University is closed, your appointment will be switched to an online session. If you do not want to meet with a consultant online, please log in to the online scheduler and reschedule.
  • If you have an online appointment scheduled on a day that the University is closed, please log into the online scheduler to see if the appointment is still listed. If not, you may be able to find another online time on the same day. We will try to offer limited online sessions when the university is closed.
  • An email notification will be sent announcing any changes to your appointment.

In the event that the University is open, but the CWE must close due to dangerous weather conditions that prevent consultants from getting to and from campus, we will post a notice in our News and Announcements box on our Welcome page. We will also post a notice on our Facebook page.

  • If you have an in-person appointment scheduled on a day that the CWE is closed and you would like to reschedule for another in-person appointment, please log into scheduling and reschedule.
  • If you have an in-person appointment scheduled on a day that the CWE is closed, and you would like to switch it to an online appointment for the same day, log into scheduling and reschedule with a consultant who shows online availability.
  • If you have an online appointment scheduled on a day that the CWE is closed, please log into scheduling to see if the appointment is still listed. If not, you may be able to find another online time on the same day.

We will do our best to offer online appointments on days when the CWE has to close.
During emergency closings, the best way to reach us is by email: