Master of Science in Earth and Environmental Science (formerly MS in Geoscience and MA in Environmental Studies) Thesis Titles


  • Ashley Cirone, 2017. Provenance Tracing of Glacial Sediment from the Foundation, Academy, and Recovery Ice Streams, Weddell Sea, Antarctica.
  • Jason Darley, 2017. Watershed Sub-Basin Scale Forest Fire Impacts on Soil Chemistry: A Case Study in Delaware State Forest, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Adam Fernandez, 2017. Mineral and bioclimatic factors controlling soil black carbon sequestration potential along an elevational gradient.
  • April Kelly, 2017. Determining Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene deglaciation of the Baltic Ice Lake through sedimentological and geochemical analysis of IODP Site M0064.
  • Jennifer Light, 2017. Geochemical and Particle Size Analysis of East Antarctic Shelf Sediments Through the Eocene Oligocene Transition
  • Lindsey Shanks, 2017. Targeting SAV Restoration at Lake Mattamuskeet Using GIS and Landsat 8 Data.


  • Taylor Krolik, 2016. Grain size and organic geochemistry of Kattegat sediment to determine paleoenvironments of the last Interglacial-Glacial cycle.


  • Diane Hagmann, 2015. Extracellular Enzyme Activities, Heavy Metals and Particle Size in Soil. (MA in Environmental Studies, Environmental Science Concentration).
  • Vicky Sekkas, 2015. Bedform morphodynamics and environmental implications in the New York Bight apex (MA in Environmental Studies, Environmental Management concentration)
  • Michael Viteritto, 2015. Simulation of Groundwater Flow and Advective Contaminant Transport at a Cemetery and a Pharmaceutical Site, Clifton, New Jersey
  • David Colombini, 2015. Modeling groundwater flow at a hydraulic fracturing site near Pavillion, Wyoming.
  • Matthew M. Del Ciello, 2015. Assessing the flood mitigation potential of water resource reservoirs.
  • Ciapha Nade Morris, 2015. Scrap tire and water treatment residual as novel "green" sorbents for removal of common metals from polluted storm water runoff.
  • Felix Mensah Oteng, 2015. Integrated assessment of interactions between surface water and groundwater under climate variability and change in the White Volta Basin, Ghana.
  • Jay Patel, 2015. Geothermobarometry of cordierite-bearing metapelites of the Hudson Highlands.
  • Natalie Romanoff, 2015. Geochemical tracers of productivity and terrigenous sediment supply in Antarctic Margin sediment.
  • David Carl Sharpe, 2015. A topographic and lithologic analysis of the Kittatinny Ridge and their implications for Appalachian erosional history
  • Alicja Trzopek, 2015. Characterization of uv-quenching dissolved organic matter in landfill leachate.


  • Daniel James Ciarletta, 2014. Characterization of Eocene-Oligocene depocenters in Prydz Bay, East Antarctica: a lithostratigraphic correlation of ODP sites 739, 742, and 1166.
  • Rachel Darley, 2014. Geochemical and Rock-magnetic Analyses of Kasten cores and Surface Grab Samples from the Joinville-D’Urville Trough, Northeastern Antarctic Peninsula: Results and Correlation with the western Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Catherine Konieczny, C., 2014. The effects of changes in population density on discharges for the Midwestern United States.
  • Kathleen Miller, K., 2014. Geochemistry and protolith determination of the hypersthene-quartz-oligoclase gneiss from the Hudson Highlands, New York.
  • Jessica Rosenberg, 2014. Late Pliocene ice-rafted debris mass accumulation rates from IODP site U1359, Wilkes Land Continental Rise, Antarctica.


  • Brendan Reilly, B., 2013. Climate evolution of the Antarctic Peninsula over the last 1,000 years: An environmental magnetism analysis of two high resolution sediment cores.
  • Deepa Shah, 2013. Investigating planetary magnetic fields : 1. Paleosecular variation and relative paleointensity curves from Maxwell Bay, Antarctica. 2. Rock magnetic and remanence properties of natural and synthetic Martian basalts.
  • Eric Sonnenwald, 2013. Updated pressure and temperature determinations for the metapelites of the Western Hudson Highlands, NY.


  • Casey Marie Ezyske, 2012. Fate of cerium oxide (Ce0?) nanoparticles in landfill leachate.
  • Brian Frank, 2012. The case of Canoe Brook wells in glacial sand and gravel, Livingston, New Jersey: Establishing the hydraulic signs of well contamination risk using topography.
  • Justin Kulick, 2012. Geochemistry of the Hudson Highlands migmatites and relation to post-Ottawan deformation.
  • Andrew James Temples, 2012. Geochemistry of the diorite pluton from the Sony Point Complex, New York, and its relation to the Cortlandt Complex


  • Omoniyi Ayodeji. Asaolu, 2011. Mapping the river kilometers of potential daylighting projects in Northeast New Jersey.
  • Melissa Anne Hansen, 2011. Determining middle Miocene through Pliocene changes in provenance and basal ice conditions through sedimentological analyses of subglacial diamictites in AND-2A, Ross Sea, Antarctica.
  • Carl Natter, C., 2011. Environmental magnetism survey of a Holocene sedimentary record from Barilari Bay, western Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Elyse Kirsten Peterson, 2011. Geochemical analysis and regional correlations between granitic gneisses of the western Hudson Highlands, New York.
  • Jaroslaw W. Slusarczyk, 2011. Geochemical analysis of Long Island Sound sediments


  • Nicole Michelle Bujalski, 2010. Characterization of contaminant and biomass-derived organic matter in sediments from the Lower Passaic River, New Jersey, USA.
  • David Cuomo, 2010. Rock magnetic and remanence properties of both synthetic Martian basaltic intrusions and dropstones along the East Antarctic margin, to aid in the understanding of the carriers of crustal magnetic anomalies.
  • Daniel William Hauptvogel, 2010. Ice sheet dynamics of the past 17 myr in Southern McMurdo Sound, Antarctica: A heavy mineral analysis.
  • Ian Phillip Johnson, 2010. Petrology and geochemistry of the Pompton Pink Granite, New Jersey Highlands.
  • Charles Onoriode Usiaphre, 2010. Simulation of contaminant transport from solid domestic waste disposal sites in the Warri Deltaic Plain sands, Warri-Effurun, Nigeria.


  • Cathleen Dale, 2009. Geochemical and Petrographic Signatures from Marie Byrd Land and Larsen-B Ice Shelf: Implications for Provenance Tracing.
  • Mike DaSilva, 2009. Ridge Subduction Volcanism in the Zeballos Complex; Southern Patagonian Andes.
  • Efe Erukanure, 2009. Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of Squantum Tillite, Boston Bay Group: Using Field Log and ICP Analysis.
  • Candice Falk, 2009. Paleoenvironment and Paleoclimate of Coastal East Antarctica during the Middle Miocene: Particle Size Results of the ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound Project.
  • Kenneth Kacperowski Jr., 2009. Holocene History of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet: Environmental Magnetic Record from Mac.Robertson Land.
  • Jennifer LaPoma, 2009. A Sedimentary Investigation of Lineation Patterns Found in the Pinelands of New Jersey.