Organized by the PhD Program in Environmental Management
Venue: Science Hall room 102, the Sokol Room, at 4:00pm

Sept 9 David Kraiker
Census Bureau - New York Regional Office
American Factfinder: Extracting Statistics & Spatial Data For Environmental Purposes
Sept 16 Dr. Aaron Mills
University of Virginia/NASA
Microbial Astronauts: Effects of Spaceflight conditions on Microbial Growth and Activity
Sept 23 Joe Macasek
Canal Society of New Jersey
The Morris Canal Greenway and the Challenges of Creating a New Park in New Jersey
Sept 30 Dr. Mark Chopping
Montclair State University
High Resolution Imagery for Validation of Canopy Structure & Biomass Maps from Multi-Angle Satellite Remote Sensing
Oct 7 Dr. Pete Rowe
New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium
Tracking the Elusive RfP
Oct 14 Dr. Ryan Tappero
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Application of Synchrotron-based Probes in the Earth and Environmental Sciences
Oct 21 Dr. Asa Rennermalm
Spatial Variation of Greenland Ice Sheet Meltwater Export Inferred from River Discharge Observations.
Oct 28 Dr. Jennifer Krumins
Montclair State University
Understanding Plant and Soil Relationships to Improve Restoration of an Urban Brownfield
Nov 4 Dr. Xiaoguan Meng
Stevens Institute of Technology
Removal of Arsenic and Recovery of Nutrients from Water.
Nov 11 Dr. Nathan Yee
Redox Transformations of Mercury in Groundwater
Nov 18 Dr. Beth Orcutt
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
2014-2015 Distinguished Lecturer : Buried Alive: Life Beneath the Seafloor
Dec 2 Dr. Sherestha Saini and Dr. Kenneth Teng
Springer Science + Business Media
Publishing Scientific Research
Dec 9 Dr. Peter Siegel
Montclair State University
Paleoecological Evidence for First Human Colonization of the Eastern Caribbean