Doctoral Program in Environmental Management

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The Montclair State Ph.D. program in Environmental Management is intended for students who have recently graduated from academic institutions with an appropriate baccalaureate or masters degree as well as for select early to mid-career professionals who would like to deepen their research credentials and their understanding of environmental management. The program will emphasize investigations of the mechanisms and interconnections found within and among components of environmental systems (atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, biosphere) and with associated human systems (political, legal, social, economic). The program offers extensive field and laboratory work allowing students exposure to cutting edge environmental research, environmental management issues, and access to state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and computer-assisted technology. Graduates of the program will be fully prepared to enter post-doctoral research in the discipline, academic institutions, government agencies, profit or non-profit organizations, private sectors, and other businesses that deal with the environment, sustainability, and restoration issues.

A holistic approach to research and education, the PhD program in environmental management seeks to prepare environmental scholars who will recognize and analyze relationships among scientific, technological, societal and economic issues, and who will understand the uses of research in a data-driven decision and policy making process, firmly rooted in current scientific knowledge and methodology. The program integrates key elements of physical, chemical, biological, social and management practices into the study of natural and human environments, and is truly representative of the academic needs of this new millennium, providing an intellectual platform promoting the philosophy of a sustainable world. For more information about the PhD in Environmental Management, contact Dr. Stefanie Brachfeld, 973-655-5129 or Ms. Patti Flatley, 973-655-4448.