Fall 2010

Sep 7 Michael Pawlish Cleaning up oil in the Gulf
Sep 14 Dr. Duke Ophori
Montclair State University
Development of a Groundwater Simulation Model for
the Central Passaic River Basin, New Jersey
Sep 21 Dr. Sandra Passchier
Montclair State University
Antarctic ice dynamics from ocean drilling and
its effect on New Jersey's coasts
Sep 28 Dr. Stefanie Brachfeld
Montclair State University
The LARsen Ice Shelf System, Antarctic Program: An International Polar Year Project along the Antarctic Peninsula
Oct 5 Mr. John Fox
Innovation Fuels
Sustainability of biofuels
Oct 12 Dr. Debdas Ray
Fulbright Fellow, University of Calcutta, India
Arsenic contamination in groundwater of Bengal Basin:
Source, migration, and mitigation – An appraisal
Oct 19 Mr. Mark Zdepski
JMZ Geology
Environmental Cleanup, Closure and RCRA
Corrective Action at a Secondary Lead Smelter, Newark, NJ
Oct 26 Dr. Kevin Farley
Manhattan College
Transport and Bioaccumulation of PCBs, Dioxins, Furans and PAHs in New York-New Jersey Harbor
Nov 9 Mr. Kenneth Armellino
Covanta Energy
From waste to energy: A sustainable solution
Nov 16 Dr. Sudipta Rakshit
EAES Temporary Assistant Professor
Oxytetracycline Sorption at the Magnetite-Water Interface
Nov 23 Ms. Peg McBrien
The Louis Berger Group
The unique challenges and benefits of NJ wetlands
and stream restoration projects
Nov 30 Dr. Peter Ashley
US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Promoting Healthy Homes at HUD:
Research Findings and Policy Initiatives
Dec 7 Dr. Francisco Artigas
Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute
Remote sensing techniques for long term vegetation cover
and water quality monitoring

Organized by the PhD Program in Environmental Management

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