Fall 2013

Sept 10 Dr. Ed Garvey
The Louis Berger Group, Inc.
Sediment Contamination in the Gowanus Canal: Historical, Current and Future Loads
Sept 17 Jan Mun
Artists Working with Science: From Bioart to Bioremediation
Sept 24 Dr. Lex van Green
Columbia University
Sustainable Eradication of Arsenic Poisoning from Drinking Groundwater
Oct 1 Dr. Dan Elliott
Geosyntec, Inc.
A Decade of Remediation with Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron (nZVI) – Applications, Implications, and Issues
Oct 8 Dr. Andrew Cohen
Cogent HydroLogic, LLC
Sediment Contamination by Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction, and Pore Water Modeling to Assess Biodegradation
Oct 15 John Boccino
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Using GIS to improve efficiency and make better decisions
Oct 22 Dr. Carys Cook
Imperial College, London
Insights into the behavior of the Pliocene East Antarctic ice sheet from provenance studies of marine sediments using radiogenic isotopes 
Oct 29 Dr. Nicholas Procopio
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
The New Jersey Private Well Testing Act and Evaluation of Naturally Occurring Contaminants
Nov 5 Regina Sharma
Matrix NeWorld
Use of the Eko-Bag Concept in Living Shorelines Implementation: An Innovative Approach to Coastal Restoration
Nov 12 Dr. John Reinfelder
Rutgers University
Seven sisters: using mercury stable isotopes to track element 80 in the environment
Nov 19 Dr. Xiaona Li
Montclair State University
Application of phosphate oxygen isotopic composition to trace phosphorus cycling in the agricultural soils
Dec 3 Ray Germann
Lower Passaic Cooperative Parties Group
A Sustainable Remedy for the Lower Passaic River

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Organized by the PhD Program in Environmental Management

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