Spring 2011

Jan 25 Dr. Wei Wu
Earth Systems Modeling faculty candidate
Modeling ecosysyem processes under
environmental disturbances
Feb 8 Pankaj Lal
Environmental Economics faculty candidate
Modeling future of U.S. southern forests
in the face of bioenergy markets
Feb 10 Dr. Kristina Anderson-Tiexiera
Earth Systems Modeling faculty candidate
Modeling as a useful tool to understand ecosystem dynamics
Feb 21 Dr. Clement Alo
Earth Systems Modeling faculty candidate
Regional earth system prediction:
a crucial step on the path to sustainability
Feb 22 Dr. Heather Sander
Environmental Economics faculty candidate
Geospatial and economic approaches to predicting
the impacts of policy on land use and ecosystem service delivery
Mar 8 Dr. Avinandan Mukherejee / Jill Montague
School of Business
A comparison of environmental advertising claims:
What resonates with consumers?
Mar 22 Lawerence Malizzi
Matrix New World
Natural Resource Advisor Program as part of the Deepwater Horizon (MC252) Spill Response in the Gulf of Mexico
Mar 29 Margaert O'Gorman
Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey
New Jersey's rare and imperiled wildlife:
A surprising biodiversity in a heavily urbanized state.
Apr 5 David Golden
NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife
Protecting rare species and their habitats in the Garden State:
Case studies on the state-threatened northern pine snake
Apr 12 Robert Spiegel
Edison Wetlands Association
Promoting environmental justice through
New Jersey toxic cleanups
Apr 16 Poster Presentations  
Apr 26 Graduating PhD student presentations:
Aimann Sadik and Shevon Letang

Organized by the PhD Program in Environmental Management

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