Spring 2013

Jan 22 Brunie Sanchez
US Census Bureau, New York
Your Community by the Numbers! Make census data work for You!
Jan 29 Dr. Jorge Berkowitz
Langan Engineering
Site Remediation Reform: the confluence of public opinon, politics, policy and government in NJ
Feb 5 Dr. Jeffery Cohen
University of Hartford
Effect of Component Failures on Financial Status of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems
Feb 12 Dr. Andrew Carver
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Impaired Waters and Two-Toes Sloths: engaging policy makers and building capacity for the Sustainability Transition
Feb 19 Joseph Mirabella
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Evolution of Environmental Enforcement over the Last Thirty Years
Feb 26 Michael Waas
TerraCycle Inc.
Eliminating the Idea of Waste
Mar 5 Gianfranco Archimede
City of Paterson
How Brownfield Remediation is funded in a historic district and who gets to say how the money is spent
Mar 19 Dr. Julie Lockwood
Rutgers University
Contemporary Evolution of Islamnd Birds
Mar 26 Dr. Steve Jenks
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
The Solar Cell of Tomorrow: new designs and methods for solar-generated electricity
Apr 2 Dr. Peifeng Zhang
Coty College of New York
Removal of Pharmaceuticals from Contaminated Water using Sewage-Sludge Derived Absorbents
Apr 9 PhD Dissertation proprosal presentations:
Alejandro Bozzolasco, Marcia Anderson, Gin Sanchez
Apr 16 PhD Dissertation proprosal presentations:
Sushant Singh, Rocio Onoro,
Virinder Sidhu
Apr 23 Graduating PhD student Presentations:
Pravin Punamiya
Green Remediation of Veterinary Antibiotics in Soil Water Systems
Apr 30 Graduating PhD student Presentations:
Padmini Das
Chemically Catalyzed Phytoremediation of TNT Contaminated Soil by Vetiver Grass

Organized by the PhD Program in Environmental Management

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