PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies

The PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies supports transdisciplinary research and community projects that grow more resilient communities worldwide. From climate change research in New Jersey, to energy studies in Vietnam, and modeling water availability in Africa. The work of Montclair State University's faculty cover the world; with results shared with local residents, state agencies, and professionals.


Healthy environments and sustainable economies supporting resilient communities


To advance sustainability by developing community-engaged research projects and building educational programs through academic-corporate-public partnerships.

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Student Internships

Our Green Team Program aggregates groups of five students that work with communities and corporations to provide solutions to sustainability problems. In 2017, 45 Students from 10 different universities worked with 9 organizations throughout New Jersey to help address their sustainability challenges.

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Greening Montclair State and the Surrounding Community

The PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies has worked with students and University Facilities to pursue a more sustainable campus. We have supported student efforts to increase recycling awareness in campus residence halls and community centers, have installed three water bottle filling stations with support from NJAW, and have started efforts to plant two community gardens on campus.

Montclair Green Business

Montclair Green Business Recognition Program

Montclair State worked with the towns of Montclair and Verona to support each town's Green Business Recognition Program. Undergraduate and graduate student volunteers visit businesses, informing them how they could be more sustainable. They took an inventory of current sustainable practices and, if the business was doing or pledged to do three sustainable business practices, they could earn Green Business status. This is recognized with a logo, created by Mikayla Atkins, a Montclair State student, that they can display in their window, and use on printed materials. Exceling businesses could also qualify for the state's Sustainable Business Registry, which requires five sustainable business practices and measurable savings resulting from these practices.

In 2017, Matthew Criscion, a biology major, began working with the town of Verona to improve fuel efficiency amongst the town's vehicle fleet.

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Community Garden

Montclair Community Garden

Montclair State University's USGBC Student Chapter is running a pilot program this summer in collaboration with the PSEG ISS, Campus Recreation, and several other student organizations seeking to establish a community garden.

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Sustainable Development Goals / SDSN

In September, 2015, the UN adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals to aid the nations in our world to work toward a more sustainable existence. Montclair State University, under the leadership of the PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies, joined the United Nation's Sustainable Development Solutions Network to build programs that will contribute to the global network of sustainability solutions.