2018 Green Teams group

About the Institute

The PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies supports transdisciplinary research and community projects that grow more resilient communities globally. Through partnerships with New Jersey-based and multi-national corporations and organizations, we address local and global sustainability challenges including climate change, emissions, energy, clean water, waste, food and food insecurity.


Healthy environments and sustainable economies supporting resilient communities


The PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies’ mission is to advance sustainability by developing community-engaged research projects and building educational programs through academic-corporate-public partnerships.


The PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies advances local and global sustainability, including overcoming environmental and climate-related issues. The Institute provides access to education and careers related to these fields, and guides all individuals and their pursuit of sustainable access to and use of environmental resources. We promote a work environment that is fully inclusive, antiracist, and supportive of all peoples working with and for PSEG ISS. We support our students in all of their work, identities, values, and beliefs. The PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies has no tolerance for hate or violence.