Gender Inclusive Bathrooms

Bohn Hall
Location: Ground Floor (4th) right outside lounge
Availability: Building Open 24/7*

Drop-In Center
Location: In main area (In front door, walk to the left)
Availability: Building Open (Approx.) Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm*

Morehead Hall
Location: 3rd Floor outside of Disability Resource Center
Availability: Building Automatically Locks after hours (approx. 10pm) and reopens at 7am*

NJ Transit Deck
Location: 4th Floor 
Availability: Building Open 24/7 * 

Partridge Hall
Location: 1st and 2nd floor, front of the building
Availability: Building Open 24/7 *

Russ Hall
Location: Counseling and Psychological Services Main Lobby
Availability: CAPS Office Hours

Sprague Library
Location: 2nd floor near the Dean's Office (multi-stall restroom)
Availability: Library Hours

Stone Hall
Location: 1st floor to the right of Health Promotion (multi-stall restroom)
Availability: Building Open (Approx.) Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm*

Student Center
Location: 2nd floor of the Student Center past the Information Desk and the Center for Commuter Services and Programs
Availability: Building Open 24/7*

Student Recreation Center
Location: 1st Floor to the left, past information and sign in desk (must get key from front desk).
Availability: Building Open Monday-Friday 6am-Midnight and Saturday-Sunday 8am-Midnight*


*Please note: building availability is subject to change at any time