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Hormone Coverage

As of August 2013, hormone therapy prescriptions are covered in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), which is available to all students.

If you are not covered by the University-sponsored plan and are covered by a family member’s health plan, then you will need to check your specific guidelines of coverage. In addition, the University Health Center (UHC) does not provide initial prescriptions for hormone treatments. However, the UHC providers will offer continued hormonal therapy management and assistance with administering injectable medications after initial consultation and start with an endocrinologist or other clinical provider who specializes in trans health. This can be done through collaborative care management between your outside provider and the UHC. You can call 973-655-3459 to schedule an appointment at UHC to discuss your needs and obtain information on the requirements needed for care at the UHC. 

Surgery Coverage

As of August 2015, gender-confirming surgeries are covered in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), which is available to all students.

If you are not covered by the University-sponsored plan and are covered by a family member’s health plan, then you will need to check your specific guidelines of coverage.

United Health Care Transgender Support Representative

For all questions regarding our Student Health Insurance Plan, please contact (833) 251-1705 or

View what is covered under the University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)


Trans people see therapists for both trans and non-trans related issues. While you do not have to have a counselor who is also a gender identity specialist, someone who specializes in gender may be more likely to be trans-inclusive, friendly and knowledgeable about trans-related issues and concerns. For general counselor referrals, students may go to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) in Russ Hall.

For those who are seeking hormones or surgery, it is important to note some providers will not help you begin the physical component of transitioning unless you are also working with a therapist. In addition to the counselors, these public resources might be helpful to you. Note: These resources are provided for your reference and are not to be construed as endorsements by the University.

  • The Institute for Personal Growth, or IPG, is a counseling and psychotherapy group in New Jersey and New York City.  Its staff has been pioneers in the fields of gender and sexuality therapy, and a large proportion of their counselors are non-heterosexual and gender-nonconforming.
  • The Mazonni Center is the only LGBT-specific healthcare provider in the Philadelphia region. Trans-specific services include but are not limited to counseling and support groups, legal services, hormone therapy, primary medical care and referrals, and laser hair removal.
  • The LGBT Community Center in NYC offers short-term individual and group counseling, extensive referrals to more intensive, LGBT-friendly mental health services, and referrals to private therapists in NYC through their Center Care program. For more information call 646-556-9300 and ask to speak with a Center CARE counselor. The Gender Identity Project is an initiative at the LGBT Community Center. They offer monthly support groups that you can attend on a drop-in basis. Groups include the Feminine Spectrum, Masculine Spectrum, Trans Families and Friends, and several trans-related groups for Spanish-speakers.

Medical Providers and LGBTQ Clinics

  • Callen-Lorde (NYC) offers medical, dental, and mental health-care services. All providers are experienced with and knowledgeable about issues particular to LGBT communities and communities living with HIV/AIDS. Se habla espanol. Their trans-specific services include, but are not limited to STI screening and treatment, hormone therapy, and counseling.
  • Rutgers Center for Transgender Health (Newark, NJ) The Rutgers Center for Transgender Health (RCTH) is a collaborative center that will provide a full spectrum of medical, psychiatric and surgical care for the transgender person. Their team of expert health professionals will provide a compassionate, coordinated approach to gender affirmation. They aim to celebrate diversity and inclusion by delivering world-class, person-centered care for the transgender patient with emphasis on access to care, reducing LGBTQ health care disparities and improving overall health and wellness. Services include hormone therapy, psychiatric resources, and gender confirmation surgery.
  • PROUD Family Health (Somerville, NJ) Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset is the first hospital in New Jersey to offer specialized primary care services for the LGBTQIA community at our PROUD Family Health at RWJ Somerset Family Practice. They are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where you can get the medical care you need at all stages of your life. Services include primary medical care for children and adults, hormone therapy and monitoring, HIV care, referrals for specialty services, health education and counseling, and support groups, including a monthly support group for family members of transgender individuals.
  • The Papillon Gender Wellness Center (New Hope, PA) was founded in 2000 by Dr. Christine McGinn, DO trans-identified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, whose formal training was tailored specifically to transgender surgery.  Services include but are not limited to: gender confirmation surgery, hormone therapy, electrolysis, and counseling. The Papillion Gender Wellness Center is only accessible by car.