Rajhon White


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Rajhon White


Rajhon is a Senior majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in Organization and a minor in Leadership Development Through Civic Engagement. Rajhon has been a faithful participant in the Student Government since his freshman year. He has served in various roles of the SGA such as Legislator, Treasurer of the Programming Board (S.L.A.M), Vice President, and now President. Rajhon values spirituality which he defines as the ability to develop a connectedness with others and with the world. Over his Presidency, Rajhon hopes to connect to the entire MSU community to show that there is a spot on this TEAM for everyone.


Your Student Government President oversees all of the daily operations including the multi-million dollar budget. They also act as a liaison between the campus administration and the student body and is a constant voice of the students. The Student Government President  strives to create an atmosphere of growth, experience, and productivity for the MSU Community.