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1. Does the advisor have to be from a specific department?

No, the only requirements for an advisor is they have to be a full time faculty or staff of Montclair State University.

2. What is the difference between being registered with the SGA and being registered with a department?

If you register with the SGA you will receive funding directly from the SGA. You will need to follow the statutes laid out in the constitution. If you register with a department you will receive funding from said department and will need to follow their rules.

3. I am having trouble with booking my room. Who do I talk to?

Room booking is with CSI. If you have any questions regarding how to book a room or have a question you can go to CSI.

4. Can someone hold more than one position in an executive board?

Only in certain circumstances. You can only have one president and one treasurer. Any other position can be held by more than one person if clearly stated in the RSOs constitution.

5. Who do I talk to when we order something for your org?

If you are inquiring how to buy something and filling out the paperwork you can speak with the Executive Treasurer or Pam. If you are inquiring how to receive the item after your paperwork is approved you can speak to Betty. Only after paperwork is approved can you order something

6. Do I still fill out a co-sponsorship even if no money is being used?