The SGA logo on a black background.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is composed of four e-board members consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, all of which serve as the four trustees of the corporation. The Executive Branch also includes the President’s Cabinet, Student Life At Montclair (S.L.A.M.) Programming Board, Players Programming Board, the Yearbook Team and the SGA Publicity Team. The Executive Board enforces the statutes while representing the student population to the administration. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be brought to the attention of the Executive Board. The Executive Board offices are available in the Student Center Annex, Room 103.

Presidential Cabinet

Mikayla Houston

Mikayla Houston is a Senior at Montclair State University. Mikayla is a psychology major with a social work and criminal justice minor, looking to work in a juvenile detention center when she graduates. She plans to be an advocate for the children in the juvenile detention center and also guide these children to the right path of life. Mikayla is heavily involved on campus and holds many other positions besides being the Executive President. Before becoming the SGA Executive President, Mikayla was a Legislator for the SGA, and then became President Pro Tempore, and then she was the Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association. Aside from the Student Government, Mikayla was an admissions ambassador for Undergraduate Admissions, is an event assistant for CSI, was an official and scorekeeper for intramural sports at the Student Recreation Center, and much more! Mikayla’s goal as Executive President is to be available to the students at all times. Whether students need help starting an organization, want to voice various concerns, or just want to talk to someone about anything, Mikayla wants to always be available to other students. Mikayla’s main focus is to make the SGA a safe space for all Montclair State University students that provides all kinds of resources. Along with representing the student body, and being the student’s connection to those above us to make sure that positive changes are continuing to happen within the Montclair State University campus.

Omayma Jabara
Vice President

Omayma Jabara is a Junior at Montclair State University. Omayma is a linguistics major with a psychology minor, looking to become a Speech Language Pathologist when she obtains her masters degree. She hopes to one day help children with communication disorders in finding their voice. Omayma is heavily involved on campus and holds many other positions besides being the Executive Vice President. Before becoming the SGA Executive Vice President, Omayma was the president of the Arab Student Association and the vice president of the Linguistics Club. Omayma’s previous roles in the Student Government Association include Director of Alumni Relations and Director of Service and Philanthropic Efforts. Aside from the Student Government, Omayma is a University Fellow for the College of Community Health, a fellow in the Teach For America Ignite Program, a rigorous student, and much more! Omayma’s goal as Executive Vice President is to be present for the students at all times. Whether they need help starting an organization, or have concerns they would like to voice, Omayma is readily available for them. Her main focus is to make the SGA a safe space for all Montclair State University students, and to help them realize the resource that it is. Omayma is honored to serve as this school year’s Executive Vice President and a representative of the student body.

Andres L. Balvin
Executive Treasurer

Andres L. Balvin is a senior at Montclair State University. Andres is in the B.A/M.A program majoring in political science with a master’s degree in law and governance, and a minor in global security and diplomacy. Furthermore, he was a United Nations Intern through the Western European Institute and La Associazione Diplomatici, and plans to work in the foreign service field. Also, he speaks five languages (French, Spanish, English, Italian, and German). Andres has been very involved on campus since his first year as he joined the Student Government Association Inc. and was the vice president of the International Student Organization. The same year, he was appointed Chief Justice of the SGA and served in this position for about three years and a half, making him the longest-serving Chief Justice in the modern history of the SGA. He is also very devoted to the service of others and has been extensively involved in community service and outreach. During his sophomore and junior years, he was a Bonner leader on campus. Moreover, Andres is one of the founders of the Montclair State Model United Nations and was a key member in the development of such a program on campus. The overall aim for Andres as the Executive Treasurer and former Chief Justice is to maintain a system of checks and balances, bring diligence and competence to the operations of the SGA Treasury, and make sure that all students get to enjoy themselves on campus by having remarkable experiences that allow them to make the best out of their college career.

Brianna Donnelly
Executive Secretary

Brianna Donnelly, a dedicated Senior at Montclair State University, is majoring in Theatre Studies with a minor in musical theatre and a concentration in education. She aspires to become a middle or high school theatre teacher, believing in the importance of creating a classroom where all students feel seen and welcome. Since her freshman year, Brianna has been an active student leader. She joined Team Rocky, serving as both a handler and manager, and works at the student center front desk as a building manager, her favorite spot on campus. Brianna’s passion for theatre extends to her involvement in the College of the Arts (CART) school, where she served as the assistant director for Macbeth last fall semester and is currently the assistant director for Marie Antoinette. Brianna served on the presidential cabinet as the Director of Public Relations last year, which inspired her to run for Executive Secretary. In this role, Brianna aims to create more opportunities within the SGA and increase campus awareness about the organization’s operations.

Jordan Tanis
Attorney General

As the chief legal officer of the SGA, the Attorney General provides legal counsel and guidance on matters pertaining to the organization’s operations and decisions. They ensure compliance with the SGA constitution, statutes, and bylaws, and offer opinions to the SGA leadership. The Attorney General, appointed by the SGA President with a 2/3 majority vote of the Legislature, serves to study and clarify SGA statutes, issue rulings on their constitutionality, and is an ex-officio member of specific committees.

Cole Vitelli
Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff serves as a key administrative and strategic advisor to the SGA President, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the executive office. They manage communication between the President and other SGA branches, coordinate initiatives, and supervise staff members. The Chief of Staff plays a pivotal role in facilitating the President’s agenda, managing schedules, and ensuring efficient workflow within the organization. The Chief of Staff in the Presidential Cabinet is responsible for compiling monthly or semester reports from Cabinet members, presenting the SGA President’s Officers Report at legislative meetings, and working a minimum of 5 office hours per week. They coordinate community service programs, meet regularly with Cabinet members and the SGA President, chair Chief of Staff meetings, and assume responsibilities of vacant Cabinet positions, among other assigned duties.