The SGA logo on a black background.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is composed of four e-board members consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, all of which serve as the four trustees of the corporation. The Executive Branch also includes the President’s Cabinet, Student Life At Montclair (S.L.A.M.) Programming Board, the Yearbook Team and the SGA Publicity Team. The Executive Board enforces the statutes while representing the student population to the administration. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be brought to the attention of the Executive Board. The Executive Board offices are available in the Student Center Annex, Room 103.

Executive Board Biographies


The SGA President oversees all of the daily operations of the Student Government Association. They also act as a liaison between the campus administration and the student body and is a constant voice of the students. The SGA President strives to create an atmosphere of growth, experience and productivity for the Montclair State University community.


Vice President

The SGA Vice President serves as chairman of all SGA meetings. If you have any questions in regards to joining the Legislature or starting an organization, contact the VP.



The SGA Treasurer oversees the multi-million dollar budget. The treasure also keeps all organizations up to date on all financial policies of the SGA. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the Student Government Association Inc., contact the Treasurer.



The SGA Secretary serves as the liaison between all SGA executive members and the organizations. The duties of the Secretary are as follows: maintain accurate written records (minutes) of the proceedings of the SGA meetings and organization meetings, maintain the office and serve the students as best as possible.


Attorney General

The duty of Attorney General is to provide legal counsel to the government, such as determining if an action or bill is constitutional or not. They also are responsible for handling any judicial action against a student or organization, as the Presidents Chief Law Enforcement Officer.