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Presidential Cabinet

The Presidential Cabinet consists of appointed individuals who serve as key advisors to the SGA President. They represent various departments and assist in the formulation and execution of policies and initiatives. The Cabinet members collaborate closely with the President to address student concerns, develop strategic plans, and oversee the implementation of SGA objectives. Presidential Cabinet members are mandated to maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, cannot concurrently serve as legislative representatives, and are appointed by the SGA President with a 2/3 vote from the Legislature. They provide semester and monthly reports, attend legislative meetings, and are subject to a minimum weekly office hour requirement.


Director of Academic Affairs: Carmela Beitler

Director of Student Affairs: Peace Adeniyi-Idowu

Director of Outreach and Civic Engagement: Caillou Rivera

Director of Psychological & Disability Services: Tyla Morin

Director of Public Relations: Edlyn Eugene

Director of Service and Philanthropic Efforts: Ximena Garza-Flores

Director of Social Justice and Diversity: Wendy Palencia López

Organizational Liaison: David Jocelyn

Yearbook Editor In Chief: Skyler Merchant