Legislative Branch

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The Legislative Branch represents the student body within the Student Government. Legislators write and vote on bills that aim to support and assist the 16,000 undergraduate students at Montclair State. If you’re interested in joining the Legislative Branch or finding out more information please reach out to the Executive Vice President through email.

Legislator Meetings

All legislative meetings take place in the Student Center, Room 411 on Wednesdays from 3-5:30 p.m. Depending on the length of the agenda, the meetings could end earlier or later. Legislative meetings are open to all undergraduate students at Montclair State University and other outside quests upon invitation by the Legislature. You are always welcome to voice your opinion during the Open Forum.

Meeting Minutes

Please, email the SGA Secretary at secretary@sgamsu.org for meeting minutes. Please refer to Engage for any schedule changes.

Legislative Committees


The Appropriations Committee reviews and holds open hearings, as is necessary, on financial bills to be presented to the Legislature and formulate recommendations for the Legislature. They act as the formal channel for all financial bills, budgets, line transfers and requests to come out of Unappropriated Surplus and consider bills concerning gifts of money to any charity.

Organizational Review

The Organizational Review Committee is in charge of reviewing the constitutions of any organization that wishes to become chartered by the SGA or renew their current SGA charter. This would include examining the organization based on evaluation criteria found in Article V.

Government and Administration

The Government and Administration Committee administer all elections as prescribed by Article IV of the Statutes and constantly review the operations of the SGA. They also review any Statute or changes and make recommendations to the Legislature.

Marketing and Publicity

The Marketing and Publicity Committee promotes the SGA by means of publicity, advertising, etc. This concerns national, state or local affairs as well as membership in any outside organization. This Committee will produce legislation so that students can actively participate in recognition of such non-SGA campus teams, boards, happenings, etc.

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee examines the needs of all students of the University and makes recommendations based on such. Areas of concern include, but are not limited to commuter, student safety and welfare and parking services.

Residence Life

The Residence Life Committee reviews all areas of residence life and formulates recommendations based on such. Areas of concerns include dormitories, meal plans associated with residential living and much more.

Dining Committee

The Dining Committee reviews all areas of dining on campus, from the franchise partners to the dining halls such as Freeman and Sam’s Place. This committee will make recommendations based on areas such as food preferences, restrictions and representing underrepresented foods on campus.

Legislative Proposal for Committees

Make Your Voice Heard

Please, email the SGA VP at vicepresident@sgamsu.org for information about the committees. A proposal is an idea about something that you’d like to see changed on campus. Once the form is received please allow two weeks for the form to be sorted and placed into the right committee for consideration. Once the committee has had time to review, the Chair will contact you through email whether or not the committee has decided to take up the proposal. If the committee takes up the proposal then more likely than not, they will ask you for more information regarding the proposal and invite you to a committee meeting. The committee will then write a bill and propose it to the Legislature where it will be voted on. If the bill receives a 2/3 vote and a signature from the President the execution of the proposal will start. The entire process should take about 5 weeks so please submit your proposal as soon as possible.

Request for Attendance at Committee Meetings

Silent Participant

Please, email the SGA VP at vicepresident@sgamsu.org for attendance at the Student Government Association’s Legislative Committees. Committees are always closed session, which means only the members of the committee and select ex-officio members have the right to attend. If you would like to sit in on one of these committees please fill out the form. If you have been granted attendance to the Legislative Committee you will receive an email with the date, time and location. Being granted attendance at a committee does not grant speaking privileges. That being said, if you’d like to speak you must fill out the Legislative Proposal form above.