An Italian Sense of Place II

An Italian Sense of Place II - Works by Luigi Ghirri, Franco Guerzoni and Nancy Goldring Exhibition Dates: 03/4/08 - 04/05/08
Opening Reception: March 4, 2008, 5:30 pm

Italian sense of place 1 Three bodies of photographic and collaged works explore the complexities of an Italian Sense of Place in relation to history, the vernacular, the poetry of light and the moment in this nuanced exhibition. The pivotal Italian color photography Luigi Ghirri's images of gardens, "One Foot in Heaven," painter Franco Guerzoni's collaborative photo-sculptural collage meditation, "Powder Landscapes" and the delicately apposite photo-projections of American Nancy Goldring's "Palimpsest," shown together, create a rich understanding of the idea of Italian Landscape from within and without Italy and the Italian sensibility.

Curators: Paolo Barbaro, Andrew Atkinson, Claudia Cavatorta

In this nuanced exhibition, three artists explore the vernacular and the poetry of light and the moment in the Italian landscape. Luigi Ghirri evokes the tourist snapshot with sensitive, artificial colors in images of formal gardens. Franco Guerzoni's photo-sculptural montages employ archeological metaphors to meditate upon the presence of history in current landscapes. Along with the delicately apposite foto-projections of Nancy Goldring, the exhibition brings together the many languages from the contemporary Italian vista

Luigi Ghirri, Caserta, 1987 (from the series Une Piede nell'Eden, One foot in Heaven)

This symposium will explore ideas in Italian Photography of the last thirty years and is running in collaboration with the exhibition of Luigi Ghirri, Franco Guerzoni and Nancy Goldring held at the George Segal Gallery.Symposium: Italian Photography after Neo-Realism, 03/04/08, 2:30 - 5:30 p.m. Speakers: Maria Antonella Pelizzari, Professor of Photography, Hunter College; Franco Guerzoni, Italian artist; Charles Traub (moderator) Professor at School of Visual Arts Place: University Hall Conference Center

Italian sense of place 2 Luigi Ghirri influentially pioneered color photography in Italy favoring an approach that was distinct from Neo-Realism but followed their traditions with a style that was more poetic and conceptually oriented. He documented and commented upon Italian culture often drawing upon the genre and ideas of landscape in order to present new possibilities. In 'Landscapes in Powder' Franco Guerzoni collaborated with Ghirri producing collages that demonstrate the complex relationship of Italian landscape to its history. Nancy Goldring's work for the city of Parma has a stunning affinity with the work of Ghirri and Guerrzoni in her observation of historical traces which persist in the contemporary landscape. The ease with which she combines drawing, painting and photography parallels the work of the Italians and offers evidence of the many mutual influences. The conversation will then include the mutual influences between artists and photographers in Italy and American in the last 30 years of the 20th Century

Luigi Ghirri, Versailles, 1985. Loaned from the collection of the Biblioteca Panizzi
Lecture: An American Artist in Italy, 02/26/08, 2:30 - 5 p.m. Speaker: Prof. Nancy Goldring
Place Univeristy Hall 1040