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Graduate Business Analytics Certificate

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If you’re ready to prepare for a successful business career, you’re ready to join the ranks of our smart, ambitious Feliciano students. We transform potential into polish and learning into leadership skills, to set you apart in the marketplace for jobs and other opportunities.

Business Analytics Certificate

We offer a comprehensive five-course graduate certificate in Business Analytics, which provides a deep understanding of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and big data – the tools and techniques needed to turn vast amounts of data into information for better and faster decision making. This program exposes students to cutting-edge methodologies in the analytics field and gives them hands-on experience using data to solve real-world business problems. Our graduates successfully obtain jobs as data analytics/data science practitioners and managers at leading firms in the US

You may begin the certificate in August, September or January. 

Business Analytics Careers

The unique skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques of Business Analysts – and the rapidly changing and data-driven world we live in – are critical to helping business leaders make and implement strategic decisions that will increase profits and improve efficiency. Businesses, government agencies, consulting firms, and non-profit organizations value the work of Business Analysts and are well rewarded for it. Business Analysts usually specialize in a particular industry, such as IT, healthcare, or finance, or they may specialize in a certain business area, such as marketing, logistics and supply chain management, or human resources.

Our program is ideal for:

  • Mid- to senior-level managers interested in learning how analytics can help them make data-driven decisions to improve business performance and transform their field
  • Individual contributors (i.e., analysts and consultants) interested in better understanding the applications of data analytics and how to use them in a structured manner to obtain insights in order to solve business problems and guide the decision making process in their teams.

Some of the positions our graduates hold after finishing the program include:

  • Data Scientist, Analytics Consultant, Business Analyst, Analytics Managers/Director, Marketing Managers/Directors, Operations Managers/Directors. Financial Analyst, Project Manager, Supply Chain Manager/Director, Talent Analytics and Human Resources Manager/Director

Some of the tools and skills you will will learn include:

  • Python , PySpark, Cloud computing, Data visualization, Tableau, Power BI, Excel, SQL, Database systems and management, Data collection, Web scraping, Machine learning (e.g., decision trees, artificial neural networks, boosting and bagging), Text mining and language modeling, Simulation and optimization, Hypothesis testing and A/B testing (design and analysis of experiments), Process mining and management

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Marina Johnson
Phone: (973) 655-3513
Office: Feliciano School of Business, Room 482

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