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Professional Accounting Certificate

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If you’re ready to prepare for a successful business career, you’re ready to join the ranks of our smart, ambitious Feliciano students. We transform potential into polish and learning into leadership skills, to set you apart in the marketplace for jobs and other opportunities.

Professional Accounting Certificate

This certificate program prepares you for a career in accounting through a combination of theory and practical skills. Accounting courses provide immediate transferable skills to the job market and give students the option to work in multinational corporations, nonprofit institutions, or in the public sector. The Professional Accounting Certificate Program satisfies the NJ State Board requirement of 24 credits in accounting education. This program is best suited to business majors who did not major in accounting and who, after graduation, has decided to pursue a career as a professional accountant. You can ultimately accomplish your Master’s degree in Accounting through this program. Furthermore, students pursuing an MBA, or those with an MBA already, may be interested in this certificate if they plan to pursue a CPA license.

Accounting Career

For businesses, individuals, and organizations, accountants ensure that financial statements are accurate. Obtaining taxes on time and following laws and procedures is their responsibility. Accounting professionals prepare financial documents and explain findings to individuals or management.

Feliciano School of Business

The Feliciano School of Business, embraces small class sizes that foster connections and collaboration with peers, faculty, employers, and corporate partners. Experiential learning —- internships and co-ops, “live” case studies and team consulting projects —- complements classroom instruction and offers real-world evidence of your skills.

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