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Fall Festivities in Full Swing at Ben Samuels Children’s Center

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Interim Dean Vincent C. Alfonso

As the crisp breeze of autumn swept across the campus, the Ben Samuels Children’s Center embraced the season with a lively parade that brought together students, teachers, employees, and university faculty in a joyous celebration.

The parade, a vibrant display of creativity, featured a kaleidoscope of costumes that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of autumn. From pint-sized pumpkins to teachers showing off their imaginative costuming skills, the event showcased the community’s enthusiasm for embracing the changing seasons.

A highlight of the day was Interim Dean Vincent C. Alfonso’s surprise appearance in a gopher costume, bringing laughter and delight to all. The parade concluded with a shared sense of joy and unity, emphasizing the power of community.

Interim Dean Vinnie Alfonso talking to children at parade

This exciting event brings the community together and fosters enduring memories for families. As autumn unfolds, it’s a reminder that the changing seasons offer opportunities for coming together and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.