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The College for Education and Engaged Learning at Montclair State University is dedicated to preparing aspiring teachers, administrators, and other education professionals for success. Grounded in a commitment to promoting equity and embracing innovation, the College has a rich history of delivering exceptional programs in the field. Our graduates are prepared to drive positive change throughout their careers, adapting to evolving educational issues and practices along the way.

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Pathways to Teaching

Whether you are a recent graduate or a working professional seeking a career change, CEEL provides multiple comprehensive and supportive pathways to becoming an educator. With flexible options, such as online and hybrid programs, CEEL ensures accessibility and accommodates the needs of aspiring teachers.

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Graduate Studies

CEEL offers comprehensive graduate studies in education that prepare students for successful careers as educators, researchers, and more. Programs combine theoretical foundations with practical experiences, equipping graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the diverse needs of students.

Graduate Programs at CEEL