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Department Chair

Susana Juniu
University Hall 4143 
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  Education: EdD, Temple University; MS, Temple University; BS, Temple University
Research/Interests: Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Psychosocial aspects of Leisure Behavior, and Educational Technology


Eduardo Saavedra headshot

Eduardo Saavedra
Department Administrator
University Hall 4141 



Melissa Fraser Alexander headshot

Melissa G. Fraser Alexander
University Hall 4113
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  Education: PhD, Michigan State University; MS Michigan State University; BS and BA, Miami University
Research/Interests: Social skill development within Special Olympics and developing life skills in adapted physical education

 Education: EdD, New York University; MS, Brooklyn College
Research/Interests: History and philosophy of physical education and health, teacher education, management and fencing


Michele M. Fisher
University Hall 4109 
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  Education: DPE, Springfield College; MS, East Stroudsberg University; BS, Elizabethtown College
Research/Interests: Cardiovascular and environmental aspects of exercise physiology, Prevention/management of coronary heart disease


Fredrick Gardin headshot

Frederick A. Gardin
University Hall 4105 
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  Education: PhD, University of South Carolina, Physical Education and Athletic Training; MAEd, East Carolina University, Health Education; BS, Appalachian State University, Health Education 
Research/Interests: Dr. Gardin joins Montclair State University with clinical experiences in secondary schools, youth sports, sport camps, and professional sports. Dr. Gardin has experience as a preceptor for variety of schools and is a formally trained educator.


Robert Gilbert
University Hall 4115
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  Education: PhD, BA, University of Massachusetts
Research/Interests: Sports psychology and peak performance, motivational speaking


Marsha Grant-Ford headshot

Marsha Grant-Ford
University Hall 4024 
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  Education: PhD, Temple University - Kinesiology with Athletic Training Concentration; MEd, University of Virginia - Athletic Training/Sports Medicine; BS,East Stroudsburg University - Health & Physical Major with Athletic Training/Aquatics Concentration
Research/Interests: Clinical experiences at the secondary school, sport/gymnastic camps, physician practice, professional sports, and all three NCAA division levels. She has educational degrees from three (CAAHEP now CAATE) accredited programs and has taught in five others (including MSU).


Klara Gubacs-Collins
University Hall 4121 
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  Education: EdD, University of Massachusetts; MA, Montclair State University; BS, Hungarian University of Physical Education
Research/Interests: Non-traditional approaches to teaching games in the activity modules, including badminton, tennis, soccer, speedball, volleyball, european handball, teacher education, sociology of sport and physical education


Peter Hosick
University Hall 4119

  Education: PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; MS, Appalachian State University; BS, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Research/Interests: Inflammation and the body’s response to exercise in both athletes and people with chronic illness


Robert Horn
University Hall 4107
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  Education: PhD, Liverpool John Moores University; MS, West Chester University; BS, University of Liverpool
Research/Interests: The role of relative motion in the perception of demonstrated task dynamics and observational motor learning


Evan Matthews
University Hall 4133
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  Education: PhD, University of Delaware; MS, Bloomsburg University; BS, Slippery Rock University
Research/Interests: Exercise physiology and cardiovascular health with emphasis examining the effects of dietary sodium


David Middlemas headshot

David A. Middlemas
University Hall 4135
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  Education: EdD, Rutgers University Educational Statistics and Measurement; MA, University of Nebraska at Kearney Sports Medicine; BS, Muhlenberg College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Research/Interests: Dr. Middlemas joined the faculty at MSU in 2000 as associate professor and Director of the Athletic Training Education Program. He came to MSU from William Paterson University where he was Program Director. Dr. Middlemas's experience as an athletic training educator includes teaching in both internship and accredited athletic training education programs.


Dr. David Phillips headshot

David Phillips

  Education: PhD, CSCS


Kristin Scrabis-Fletcher
University Hall 4103
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  Education: PhD, MPhil, Teachers College, Columbia University; MA University of Maryland; BA Pennsylvania State University
Research/Interests: Examining socio-cultural factors that influence student experience and learning in physical education are rooted in her experiences as a middle school health and physical education teacher


William Sullivan
University Hall 4117
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  Education: EdD, MA, MEd, Columbia University BA, Southern Illinois University
Research/Interests: Research: effect of different exercise instructions on muscle recruitment patterns, blood volume shifts during exercise, analysis of popularity and universality of the summer Olympic sports
Interests: exercise physiology and physiology & biomechanics of strength and conditioning exercises



Rose Cofone
University Hall 2155

  Education: MA, Montclair State University; MBA, Baruch College; BS, St. Peter's University

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